Technology Help Thread

so my eldest threw a marble inside and it cracked my 12 year 51" HD plasma. Absolutely devo, not ruling out gulag for her.

i hate LED tvs because football looks ■■■■■ on them. mind you i haven’t looked at tvs for 12 years so…

my research suggests i should be looking a Samsung QN90B 50" Neo QLED 4K Smart TV [2022] for optimal football viewing pleasure without filing for bankruptcy (at $1900 still twice the price my plasma was).

if i’m looking to save a couple of bucks, have LEDs improved at all. A Samsung BU8000 50" Crystal LED maybe.

i just can’t handle motion blur watching football, certainly couldn’t handle it watching essington (would almost certainly cost me another TV)

I’d be surprised if you get any blur on a new tv. If in doubt check it has a sports mode(or auto sports).

My fav TV advice is to just get into the store and play with the remote.

I have a Samsung and the apps/interface work really well. That’s what you live with once home that you will love or drive you nuts

i really don’t care about the apps, i’ve been using a chromecast off my phone forever ever and will probably stick to that honestly. i just want to know what the footy looks like and that’s hard to get a read on unless they are showing live sport which they almost never are, at least that used to be the case.

work out how to reset tvs to default, go to jb or something and mess around with them whatevers in your size and budget thats not to laggy to use, go for. i really like my 49 bravia, but the menu navigation is akin to pulling nails

Led vs OLED vs qled for football, discuss. Motion blur is my primary concern

I just bought a new 65 sony bravia q90k choosing that over the samsung equivalent because of its supposed better motion flow tech where you can set it to add up to 3 black frames between each frame to eradicate motion blur. I have only watched it a bit, but the balls still have some blur to my eye.

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What about the grass? The grass blue is the worst but was pretty good on the deceased plasma RIP

Well the just cast a game from your phone in store? They will prob let you.

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Motion blur. It’s little to do with screen tech and all about screen electronics and stream and/or live tv bit rate. On the other hand if you want black to be truely black and not dark Gray go with OLED.

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Interested to know what you guys think is a good antivilockedrus specifically good for ransomware.
And just as a matter of interest, what if you have allof your files and flders in onedrive, and you happen to get ransomware attack, so they lock your files on the PC, are these files locked in one drive too?
Also thinking if they are not locked in one drive, is there an app that can override and wipe the PC?

How much are they charging?

Maybe blitz can chip in and help pay your ransom…

probably not, but can’t say for certain

no, because it would then delete itself and be unable to set things up again

heaps of guides out there on how to format your hard drive

Modern Samsungs serve up ads in the menus.

That can get in the sea.

I mean like with my phone for example, if lost can remote wipe it

Dont know if I have ever heard that for wndows

doesn’t exist and isn’t feasible

even the most rudimentary of firewalls would go “uh excuse me, wtf do you think you are doing” to a remote app that sends that kind of command

you could probably go digging around online for some sort of “killswitch” code you could have on your pc that can get remotely triggered, but that is seriously risky sht. you can’t undo a hard drive wipe for less than five figures.

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Does Roku have foxtel?
How does the Roku streaming stick work?