Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


Thats what they want coverage and now this is going to make everything worse as that what they want


Basically call out and shame anyone that is saying racist, sexist, bigoted messaging. And I mean ANYONE and everyone. Christian saying it against Islamist/Islamist against Christian, white vs black/black vs white, whatever and ever it is, Scream “RACIST” as loud as you can in public and point at them. Shame is the only weapon we have. Call them out for being the ■■■■ human being that they are.


Mate that’s a fantastic pretentious rant on the possibilities of him being racist based on nothing but heresay, but with all due respect you have no clue whatsover and made your bias clear from the opening, so it’s hard to take anything you say with a balanced viewpoint. If you’ve watched two videos than your viewpoint is not valid because you have a very limited base to make accurate judgments and forming them from google searches and media clickbait stories.

Whether you think he’s funny or not or shrieks too much because he did it on one video three years ago really isn’t the point and has no bearing, clearly he has nearly 90 million subscribers for a reason, and you don’t get that without trying to be entertaining. If you make one or two videos every day for 8+ years occasionally you’ll say something silly, which every time he has humbly apologised for, as I’m sure there was a time in your life you said something silly but I don’t think that means you’re a racist. Or maybe you are? I don’t know.

I think it’s very easy to call someone a racist without any evidence to back it u, people love to throw it around and love even more when it grabs clickbait stories and they can cut videos to invent stories. He’s posted his thoughts on them so feel free to watch them, or not,. And for those playing at home the reason why that guy said “sub to pewdiepie” is because it’s a very popular internet phenomonia of T Series vs PewdiePie for subs where celebrities like Dr Phil jump on the bandwagon for fun…but I’m not going to hold your hand to work that one out.


Credit, it’s a start…


Wonder if the Libs will now backtrack on backtracking on the Milo Yiannopoulos visa.


It will interesting to see how they handle that situation now.


Thanks for clarifying.



Already been posted. But agree it was good


Yesterday was quite stressful for Miss S&S, she’s a born and bred Cantabrian. Her Mum was in lockdown in Linwood for a few hours but safe. Chch is still feeling the effects of the earthquake years on, big swathes of the city centre are vacant, there are even a few buildings where you can see weeds growing between tables and chairs which have remained untouched since the quakes. This is due to the insurance claims still ongoing. I was stunned to see what would’ve been two pub meals on a table of an old establishment, it’s a surreal reminder. Many got ■■■■■■ over by the insurance companies when trying to claim. Many also don’t go to the city centre anymore. Some suburbs in the swampy mouths can’t be rebuilt due to liquefaction and are sanctioned off. I read a couple articles a while back about a Psych report done by two South Island academics a longitudinal study on the effects PTSD on babies in utero at the time of the quake and there was significant effect on them years later as children. I think they’re a very resilient population in that city.

Then this ■■■■ happens.

Due to its small size, my initial reaction was why the hell Christchurch? I haven’t read a lot about yesterday, I tend to stray from the news cycle and media after a few minutes until the dust settles but I’m aware Chch has for many years had a strong white supremacist element in the shadows of its jail and used to have a (right wing) skinhead problem years ago. Whether this had anything to do with the attack and the others in custody with this scumbag from Lithgow who has family in the city, I’m not sure having not followed through media yet.


How long has this idiot been in NZ or more specifically Christchurch? They said he grew up in Northern NSW but haven’t heard when he left here and went to NZ?


It seems as though it was targeted because it’s a very multicultural city. Maybe also because if it’s relative lack of security compared to other targets


I’m quite surprised that NZ have firearms laws that are relatively lax, with semi auto weaponry apparently legally available without too many hoops to jump through. Actually, I’m stunned. They’re literally 25 years behind us. That’ll change now.

And I can’t decide if I’m pleased or ■■■■■■ that this p o s is still alive. I’m sure the Maori inmates are gonna love his white supremacist “invaders” mantra.


Ardern has already said she’ll now change the laws. Unsurprisingly they’re going to go full Howard on those bad boys


According to NZ media, only a couple of months.


I think Bucky Adern is a ripper of a PM, but the emphasis she placed on the Australian connection is only going to encourage NZers to see this as a problem imported from their less civilised cousins across the detch who after all are descendants of convicts.
What we should’ve learned from our misguided responses to terrorism over many years is that their place of birth, gender, race or religion has nothing to do with their extreme nutterist ideologies. Unfortunately this stuff is global now.


she said that? what a ■■■■■■■.

sadly there are extremists everywhere.

she didnt take note of the apparent tolerant socialist scandavian nirvanas which have harboured nutjobs too?

you cant control what people think. But you can make it hard to put a gun in their hand.

thank god Howard did that 25 odd years ago. the kiwis could have followed our lead.


And that’s also interesting. It seems he’s travelled the world extensively over the past 5 or so years, 6 months here, 6 months there etc etc.

For many years in some areas of the world an Australian passport has afforded us that luxury - pretty free movement between countries without much scrutiny. I wonder if that might change now


I read it was the name of the city that resonated with him.


I think you’re being harsh on Ardern. She didn’t accuse Australia of being extremists, just said there are some people with extremist views who are not welcome in New Zealand. I live fairly evenly between the two countries and have to say that there is less anti- Muslim feeling in New Zealand. However there is a fairly vocal neo-Nazi group in Christchurch and nobody here (NZ) is excusing them.