Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


I’m sure they’ll put some pop song as background music shortly.


Like the producers did? Waleed’s message was on ■■■■■■■ point. And some ■■■■■■■■ in a back office somewhere was like “hmmm…I reckon we need some dramatic music in the background because otherwise people won’t get it.” high five

Anyway peace I’m out.


It’s odd, I didn’t even notice the music.


Just a question HM, do you watch any of his videos and know who he is or what he actually says in his videos or are you just googling and seeing what you read with no context? I thought you of all people would be smart enough to not trust the media after everything Essendon went through for clickbait articles. I watch him a lot, and know exactly the kind of person he is and say he’s very smart, humble and kind and tries to make people laugh. He’s given millions upon millions to charity and goes out of his way to help others. Any mistake he’s made he’s owned up to and apologised like a man. We’ve all made some but to say he’s racist is complete lunacy.


Made his name as a ‘youtube celebrity’ by obnoxiously talking over videos of other people gaming. Somehow has millions of followers.


It’s quite distracting.


It is distracting, but I cant stand that ■■■■ so I’m being biased.


I’m an Irish Catholic. There’s quite a few ratbags amongst us too. The Muslim community is no different to any other community and for me, they are extremely welcome in our big, multicultural melting pot of a country. They help to enrich us, not devalue us.
Most of us look for things to unite us all, but some in the community look for things to divide us instead. We’re all from somewhere else originally. Todays events in Christchurch are a significant moment in time for our country and fair minded Australians need to stand together against this hatred. The racial dog whistling about the migrant community that has been happening for years through our politicians has probably had a lot to do with what occurred today. It needs to be called out and it needs to end.


It all needs to end, it went too far years and years ago and it still goes further.
People are scared to fly
People are scared to walk
People are scared to go to their place of worship.
It is a ■■■■■■■ joke now. This bullshit that “we are doing gods work” is a ■■■■■■■ joke and those who radicalise young people need to be dealt with first. Question is, how? You can’t stop a priest or Imam from preaching their gods view. You can if they are using it to incite terror or violence but we don’t have the resources to watch everyone.


Totally off topic now but as an Irish catholic, did you hear about the soldier who has finally been charged for murder over ■■■■■■ Sunday?


That all seems pretty unsatisfactory that one British paratrooper takes the rap for the death of 13 unarmed protesters. Sadly, this outcome is probably going to cause more unhappiness and discord over there. Hope the good people of the Irish North manage to keep the peace process going.


I’ve watched a couple of his videos a long time ago and found him so obnoxious that I never watched another. There are sane, normal people out there doing let’s-play videos that don’t shriek like demented gerbils or occasionally call people ■■■■■■■.

I have no doubt you’re more familiar with his work than I am. I am perfectly willing to accept your word for it when you say he’s is smart and humble and gives a lot to charity. And given his following, he certainly makes some people laugh, god knows why, but hey, everyone has different taste.

None of this means he can’t be racist. Or none of this means he can’t simply be utterly uncaring about the consequences of racism while chucking out edgy memes from chan boards that act as a dog whistle to the people who understand them and a gateway to those who don’t.

The racists we like are the hardest to call out. Nobody wants to start a fight with Racist Old Uncle Bob when he starts sounding off about immigrants over Christmas dinner, we all just look embarrassed and start talking about something else, and hope he stops. We tell ourselves that he’s got a good heart really and jeez he’s a great dad and does a lot of work volunteering for the local footy club or whatever (all of which is probably very true), and that this is just a personality quirk and he doesn’t mean anything by it. We make excuses for him. Reckon there’s a bit of that going on with Pewdiepie.


That’s what I was thinking? Will he be charged with 14 counts of murder? Don’t think so


It’s only 2 or 3 he’s been charged with. They just couldn’t be sure about the others.

The colonel or whatever should have been charged.


Anning is actually sailing pretty close to the wind here I reckon, particularly with the scripture reference, unless there is some parliamentary privilege defence I don’t know about.

Criminal code

80.2A Urging violence against groups


         (1)  A person (the  ***first person*** ) commits an offence if:

                 (a)  the first person intentionally urges another person, or a group, to use force or violence against a group (the  ***targeted group*** ); and

                 (b)  the first person does so intending that force or violence will occur; and

                 (c)  the targeted group is distinguished by race, religion, nationality, national or ethnic origin or political opinion; and

                 (d)  the use of the force or violence would threaten the peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth.

Penalty: Imprisonment for 7 years.



Just wow


Not sure how this makes anyone feel better and the point, apparently an
Australian, starting to lose faith


Exactly my thoughts


Addressing this situation head on is the most responsible thing you can do. Putting your head in the sand, offering thought and prayers and asking to patiently wait for a time for a conversation that never comes gets us nowhere. If the horrifying murder of 50 or so innocent people can’t stir people up into thinking about the reasons why, then we’re all ■■■■■■.

The only way you’d stop these kind of terrible acts is by understanding what motivates them


Just stepped of a plane after 3 weeks o/s to read about this horrible act. Can’t really get my head around any of it but the most confounding thing for me is that footage is apparently available in the media and on the net which was surely the intention of the perpetrators. Why give them what they want? That’s just crazy for mine.
Hope our nation is doing everything it can do to help the victims of this appalling atrocity.