Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


One theory is the guy is actually a leftist and did it to put pressure on conservatives.

The call to take the footage down is a conspiracy to hude the actual truth.


Oh of course. Commit horrific crime, potentially die, or be imprisoned forever, all to make conservatives look bad for a few days. Solid theory


So they are the real victims here.


The sheer idiocy of “false flag” narratives never ceases to amaze me. “How dare you say someone who did what we say we would like to do all day long is one of us?!!?”



How’s it going for Trump with his campaigns against certain groups of immigrants?
Reportedly , 100% of recent terrorist attacks in US were committed by white far right extremists.


The world is trapped in an intellectual ‘dark ages’ that sadly shows no signs of lifting. As long as conspiracy theorists, Fraser Anning and Blair Cottrell types are given mainstream platforms to spew bile, society will continue to slowly disintegrate.


Yep, the article above lists a long list of those…


Well if you take into account a Fraser Anning, and most of the reporters from Sky News opinions.

“If we didn’t have people of colour or other religions in this country, these killings wouldn’t happen”.

Clearly it’s the fault of people who are a different colour… because they are a different colour.

*tongue in cheek response


Zero mass shootings in Australia in ~23 years. I’m told by an American acquaintance that Australia should restore pre Port Arthur gun laws. Presumably that is to decrease this number.


What QE2 might also have said:
I am the Head of State of the Muslim New Zealanders. They are my people.


They hired better actors…


There were a few idiots here that used to post how 9/11 wasn’t real etc. Glad they’ve gone.


Adern said he was given a gun licence in December 2017.


They can be useful on farms. But no need for hand guns or semiautomatics.


Wasn’t there a family of 8 slaughtered with a gun recently?


And here is the double backflip in action.


I don’t mind this particular hypocrisy.


No, it is the better type and the decision would be correct.


Heard on some news show the other day, that it’s estimated there are 80,000 illegal imported Guns in circulation in Oz currently, … so I’m not sure the laws here whilst good, actually would stop this happening here if people wanted to get their hands on Guns to do so.

Edit: while searching for a news article on that, I came across this, … seems whoever it was, was underestimating by a fair margin.

In October 2016, it was estimated that there were 260,000 unregistered guns in Australia, 250,000 long arms and 10,000 handguns , most of them in the hands of organised crime groups and other criminals. There are 3 million registered firearms in Australia.