Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


Have just checked the 2017 National Firearms Agreement.
Para 30 of that Agreement provides that jurisdictions / Federal/State/Territory) agree to the nation wide registration of all firearms.
Paragraph 31 provides for sharing of databases of all jurisdictions.


Add resources for Police and upgrade ICT systems for checks.


Facebook and all similar sites and the news media should NOT show or print anything of this nature live. All doing this does is energises people with the very same mind set and gives them ideas.
It is a damn disgrace.

To all those in NZ, may we express our sadness for this despicable action in your country. To all the people, friends and families involved in this tragedy, may your god watch over and show you compassion at this sad time. To everyone around the world, please think about what has happened in NZ to those who are now suffering, please light a candle and send loving kindness.


Really good thread about guns/licences in Aust and NZ


I know very little about the bloke, and all that I do know I learned against my will.

Maybe I’m different from most. The minute someone used my name, ironically or otherwise, in a video of them murdering other people, I’d pack everything up and go home.


That’s all well and good but there will have to be a heap of people monitoring the site 24/7 - wouldn’t surprise me that none of the viewers reported it as they wouldn’t have believed what they were seeing and were probably thinking that it couldnt possibly be real. I certainly didn’t actively seek out the footage.


I’m getting far too much glee out of this type of thing happening to several “”“journalists”"" on Twitter today


Beat me to it mate!


Great minds think alike.



Sorry mate, we have our wires crossed. I was talking about New Zealand.

Yes, Australia absolutely has registration. Though it’s not always completely accurate.


I personally think religion does not belong in schools period.


How else could one debunk religion??


Except in a full semester of a Year 9 or 10 History class, I agree.


Journalists from the Age and C10 intervened at what they saw as undue force and then got booted from the meeting, accompanied by profanities from Anning’s staff.


Fraser Anning was lucky it was a 12 year old boy that ‘attacked’ him, if I were advising him I’d be encouraging him to increase his security substantially


Religion in history is pretty much a given, based on how much religion has influenced certain parts of history. So difficult to leave it out of high school history.

One thing that actually has been annoying me is this whole concept of “they are new zealanders too” when referring to the muslim population in nz. Using the words they is immediately classifying them as different. It should just be “we are all new zealanders, and we all stand together in condemning this”.



“You’re nothing but a weak f–ing etc. etc.” said Anning’s goon as he holds the kid in a headlock.

Because that’s their biggest putdown… ‘you’re weak, we’re strong’. He says this to a skinny 17 year old… and doesn’t see the irony. A truly strong person wouldnt see an opportunity to show off their ‘strength’ against a skinny kid… or a bunch of little kids at their place of worship for that matter. Scum.


wonder wht anning would name his political party? golden dawn?