Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


The guy that made the final solution speech? I doubt it. He knows what he is doing (in the worst possible way).


Yep and same guy who marched with the Neo Nazis in St Kilda.


I’m also concerned about the 56 likes and 218 retweets.

Although the retweets may be pointing out what a ■■■■ he is


I’m seriously astonished by this story.

To think he’s live streamed the murder of 40ish innocent people. Maybe that video (no im not watching it) will be the turning point in the war on guns.

He’s also cited an American conservative commentator as his inspiration. No more proof needed about what harm the bile coming out of some prominent mouths can do.

So awful. I feel quite sick and I don’t feel that about many stories (with my background in law enforcement). This is horrifying


The right-wing fundamentalists to Conservatives have had an utterly disgraceful day all round.

Started with bullying and belittling school students, on social media and national tv, who are taking part in their right to democracy.

Then some of their community make a pathetic and gutless act of terrorism by shooting down 2 Muslim mosques in New Zealand.


Which one? There are so many


The other thing to think about is what what reprisals there might now be against Australian targets. This is a very very significant story


That video is going to be used as propaganda by extremists on both sides of this sickening divide. I can’t even begin to comprehend.


Or the possibility it lights a fire under the extreme right wing fundamentalists.


Yep. That too. The world is an awful place at the moment and getting more so.


Animals doesn’t even begin to describe them. I also hate the fact that this will be used as political leverage in the upcoming elections for the wrong reasons.


Apparently this Sunday in Melbourne is a Mosque open day in Melbourne, where everyone is encouraged to come and look at things. My goodness


Not that I’m prepared to give ScoMo credit for anything but, at least the numpty stated the shooter was a right-wing terrorist.

Small mercies, but I don’t think the same side of politics in the US would have made the same admission.


My lord, just had a look at this clown, Anning… jesus. What a POS.


It’s hard to comprehend that people actually vote for this clown.


It wasn’t a gag.


He’s not that stupid. He knows exactly what he’s saying, and which Nazi anniversary rallies he’s attending on taxpayer money.

Will the Government have the guts to condemn him? 50/50, maybe I’m being generous.


I think he got 19 votes yeah? (could be wrong) Which is still hard to comprehend.


How is Andrew Bolt going to make this one ‘The Left’s’ fault?


I thought it was 17 votes?

One Nation sure know how to choose them.