Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


They didn’t - last time. He got something like 19 first preference votes in his own right, and got into the senate on Hanson’s preferences.

He’s obviously made the calculation that in order to stand out from the crowd and make his own reputation separate to Hanson’s, a viable marketing angle is ‘I’m the guy who hates muslims even MORE than Hanson does!’ and say outrageous stuff to get his head on the news, in the hopes that it’ll score him just enough racist votes to stay in power. He only needs, what, 14% of queensland or something like that?

I wish I was more confident it was impossible.


He followed it up with this:

And a few on here defended him when he rocked up to that piece of ■■■■’s beach gathering in St Kilda.


The line that Sky News people are going with so far seems to be a regretful tone of “this is the sort of tragedy that happens when people believe their views on immigration are not being listened to”


He’s blaming victims for being shot dead???


He is.

No, I cannot believe it either.


“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” — it’s stopped and the brownies didn’t shoot back, so it’s pretty obvious who the bad guys were…


Jacinda Adern has made a very strong point that a number of the perpetrators were Australian. And seem to alude to this ideology of White Supremism is accepted in Australia via policy and media.

Very hard to disagree.


I just seen the footage of him going live and doing it. Fked .


There is irony in Annings second tweet. Muslim fanatics = violence, yet the shooters are obviously fanatics.


The irony is that immigration did lead to this massacre, australian immigration into New Zealand


Of course two of Ruperts empire involved.


While I understand the hurt going on I don’t think her saying that right now is helpful. Gun control is also an issue involved, theirs is a little watered down.


Jesus, seriously?


I can’t actually find a reference to this. All I saw was that she said of the 4 in custody, 1 has openly stated he is Australian.


Check out @MohdAsriDungun’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MohdAsriDungun/status/1106459358538260480?s=09


This person is a Sky News commentator.


If any of our (Murdoch) media do an Anning and try to victim blame, I am going to ‘letter-to-the-editor’ like a pensioner on speed. Fark allowing the OZ Murdoch media (sky, News, Bolt etc) surreptitiously make that sh*t OK here like they’ve been allowed to do in the US.


Are you saying jonovdp made it up?


So reports currently state 40 dead, 48 in hospitals being treated for gun shot wounds.


She’s digging deeper and deeper.