Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


That is simply one of the most shameful things I have ever read.


Elsewhere in my brief and depressing tour of online nutterdom, some people are saying it’s an obvious conspiracy designed to divert attention when the imminent release of the Mueller report completely exonerates Trump, others are saying that the guy talked about the environment in his manifesto, so he’s obviously a leftist.

One guy did seem genuinely horrified and repulsed, but he’s a bit of an outlier who has for some time been promoting an alliance between right-wing Christians and traditional Muslims against the evils of secular culture and stuff like gay and trans rights.


That’s unfair to throw that question at me. It’s a confusing time. All I’m saying is I can’t find her saying what jonovdp said.


Three still in custody, one confirmed as Australian born.


Shut down the ■■■■■■■ internet.


That is astonishing.

Only outdone by the second last para in this statement.


reading that makes me feel ill


2nd last? His last paragraph is basically describing what he thinks Islam is doing.

If parliament was open the politicians could actually do something about this idiot.


Death toll now 49


He was never elected, but replaced a dual citizen. He might have had his uses in legislation votes, but from now on all sides should refuse to bargain with him for votes and should say so publicly.
He should also be placed on a watch list as an extremist.


My heart breaks for Chch.
First the earthquakes and now this.
Living there for 20 years - it is the most layed back place where the people accept everyone with open arms.
The majority of those murdered today would have been so happy to have landed in a place so fresh and clean and so accepting of other’s cultures.
The city and the people don’t deserve this.




In spite of ‘thoughts & prayers’, Morrison’s response has been pretty decent all up.
In particular I agree with him that nothing good comes of hate.

It all starts when you see people as them & us. Its easy to hate ‘them’ en-mass. And once ‘they’ are dehumanised through this process its easier to commit mass murder. Its how terrorists (and soldiers for that matter) are made. And sadly hate just leads to more hate.

These are pretty sh!tty times when so many politicians are using hate for political gain. Gotta fight this trend because it leads to oblivion.


Anning you retarded ■■■■



What an absolute ■■■■. Put him in the bin.


Knows exactly what he’s doing.

Wedge the far right, by being uber far right.



■■■■ HIM.

This is his creature, he crontrived it, crafted it and controls it.


One of this dumbest posts on this board, including the joke ones in the lid on and lid off threads.

Yeah, this is ScoMo’s fault


Can I just say, everything about this is ■■■■