Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


Far-right wing nationalists sure have a thing for attacking places of worship, doesn’t matter if they are churches, mosques or synagogues they have attacked them all

And they complain about the godless communists


Fcktards are fcktards the whole world over.


Notice how he calls him a nationalist, as opposed to a white nationalist, the prick wasn’t even a NZer


The least we can do is refuse to watch it.
It is exactly what this sort of psychopath gets off on.
I couldn’t open an online news article about this situation without it automatically playing and having to actively turn it off. It’s reprehensible behaviour by news outlets.


I could well be wrong but someone on reddit analyzing the music and what’s was written on the magazines etc was saying the guy is a Serb-Australian, references to Kosovo and Bosnia, trying to pay homage to convicted war criminals etc, and did it in NZ to garner more attention. Apparently the manifesto is pretty bat ■■■■ crazy but talks about being a modern day nazi etc…
Only got this from reddit comments so who knows, and FTR I’m married to a Bosnian Serb so I’m not trying to upset any Serbs out there, this is kind of like hearing it was an Essendon supporter.


Hugh Riminton’s response to Sydney Watson’s comment above (who?) sums it all up:


And he only really addressed the most obvious idiocy of the comment.


I haven’t read the manifesto and don’t intend to, but I’d be wary of reading too much into it.

The whole serbs-as-heroic-defenders-of-Europe-vs-bosnian muslims trope is a pretty standard white nationalist one, right alongside the Siege of Vienna stuff. It’s not even remotely just serbs who push it.

And similarly, I’d be leery of taking ANYTHING written in there entirely literally. THese guys seems to be of the modern online/4chan breed of racist scumbags. THat means they think they are enormously, enormously smarter than everyone else, they wallow in irony and cynicism, and they are profoundly aware of the nature of online viral messaging and the inability of conventional journalism to understand that environment.

I suspect a great deal of what they wrote (especially in the ‘manifesto’) will be bullshit, trolling, in-jokes that’ll let their mates laugh at the sheeple who take it seriously, or lies or bait deliberately designed in order to attempt to get people to focus rage on people the perpetrators want to target.


The silence from the Conservatives is deafening.


Good points. Actually the comment I was reading said it looked like a fair bit of 4chan copy pasta and a few other in-jokes too. Our judgement here won’t change anything, very sad all round.
As if Christchurch hasn’t had enough issues, was a beautiful town when I was there on the 90’s.
Seriously, NZ might have some issues, but if the whole world was like Nz it would be an awesome planet.


I’ve read it, it does have a bit of that, but it won’t be obvious to most people. Sorry to say, it’ll be well used by racists, and I dread, racist Australians. Luckily, it’s content is hyperbolic and crazy enough that it probably won’t go mainstream.


The guy claims in the manifesto to basically be British “stock”, from memory. Dunno about being Serb.


His name, which really shouldn’t be mentioned, isn’t exactly a Serbian one


What on earth is with the dramatic music in the background? FFS


give it a rest


Way to completely and utterly miss the point


“It’s not the right time”?

I’d say it’s past time to refuse Anning’s vote. Unfortunately they only seemed to have principles when it was Craig Thomson.


As a dual citizen I can tell you this is total bullshit. The Muslim immigrants in N.Z are peaceloving and impossible to distinguish from non-muslims. The cause of bloodshed lies solely at the feet of the neo-nazis who perpetrated this atrocity and have left us feeling totally numb. As the D.J. on the radio said “New Zealand has lost its innocence”.


The also voted ‘its ok to be white’


It’s just very, very sad.

Leave the commentary till later folks.


Comments from 8 years ago. Yeah, nothing has happened in between then and now.