Terrorist attack, Christchurch NZ


He wasn’t Serb-Aussie, I think they said he posted stuff where Christians have defeated muslims at certain flash-points in history.


So was the Australian the guy with the gun, or one of the other ones?


Did he make it up? I can’t find it anywhere and I didn’t hear her say it in her press conference, maybe ABC News didn’t show the whole press conference?


Pretty sure he was the one with the gun.


Most muslim immigrants in Australia are peaceloving too. Sure you get a few who are rat bags and maybe 1 in 100,000 (or even less) who are extremists but I doubt they are the only religion to have those types.


The shooter said “Subscribe to PewDiePie” before he got out of the car and killed everyone.


Who is that?


He and his party, state and federal demonise boat people and African youths etc. Yeah he has blood on his hands.

When you play the race card, what do you think is going to happen?


Sorry Christchurch but dealing with earthquakes ain’t enough for you. Deal with this too.

Horrible day.


Jeepers, that’s no good.


He is a Swedish comedian with the biggest channel on youtube, around 90 million subscribers. He reviews video games and stuff like that for teenagers and young adults.


And who has a long, long, long record of saying racist ■■■■ and spreading racist memes and jokes and then unconvincingly stepping back when called on it, only to do it all over again.


LOL - No he doesn’t! The media made a fcking story when he held his arm in the air, freeze framed the video and tried to make it a story that he was a nazi.


I think it is safe to say that his indiscretions were blown out of proportion by old media types who wanted to damage the marketability of new media platforms.


‘Reviewing video games’ is a way to preach your message to the masses these days. It should be monitored very closely, DanTDM is the go to guy for 7 - 11 yr olds, although he is all above board and reviews young kids games, he carrys a lot of influence and the kids are devoted to him.


49 dead now


Ch 7 stil showing video footage. They stopped it just as he raises the firearm at the entrance. Commercial tv can’t help themselves.


So when he paid a bunch of indian guys who spoke no english to hold up a sign saying ‘kill all the jews,’ was that all the media’s fault too?


The full video was on Youtube up until about an hour ago I think. And they even had the decency to put the warning that some viewers may find this distressing


They showed a still image of the moment some poor bugger tried to fight him off before being executed, they also showed footage of him moving through the building with dead and dying victims around him as they ‘informed’ the audience that he went around executing any wounded victims he found.