Tesla just changed everything


Who gave the figure of $65 million?


Well - you're kinda missing the point of a battery, for starters...


this is what ■■■■■■ me off about the australian car industry. why oh why when things were stinking up, why didn't one of them way back when bite the bullet and invest heavily in hybrids or electric cars. hell, even a compressed natural gas or hydrogen engine would've been a massive step in the right direction. it's not like we don't have much gas here ffs. idiots.


Which Australian manufacturers are you referring to?


you know what i mean. australian arms of global manufacturers then...


No, the reason I put it that way, is for exactly that point - those 'arms' are/were controlled by their parents.


I'd suggest they'd have had some autonomy. Holden did spend 1 billion on the VE. Surely some of that could've been funnelled to a future technology dream, not just another commodore. Anyway, we digress.


Would've been better saving money dropping bombs on people to secure oil when you could've be put a recharge station on every corner in every town in Australia


Don't get me wrong - I agree entirely.


The battery isn't there to substitute the power. It's there more to reduce the peaks for wholesale pricing. Most peak events only run for an hour or two. So when the power is at its most expensive the batteries can come in. The batteries pretty much charge when there is excess power when it's at its cheapest.

So instead of peak events costing $1,000 per MWH it now might only cost $900 per MWH. So the market has more competition during these stress periods remembering they only last an hour or two.


There are gas generators out there that make their money powering up for an hour when the existing generators can't cope with the peek They can turn on and produce power in seconds. Also power generated from wind can be unpredictable (for example a gale at 2am produces power into the lowpoint of price and need) Batteries can store this power and feed it into the daytime when demand (and price) are higher.

There is a market for batteries here. If nowhere else.

I would have thought with night rate power running so much cheaper than daytime, there would be an opportunity to hook batteries up to take some of this output to push back into the market during daylight hours. 65 mil is cheap when compared with the billion dollar cost of a new power plant.


All this is stuff posted clearly shows why you never privatise power generation and supply.

Having these capitalist power company carnts screw us all to make extreme profits and tell us that peak loads are more expensive is beyond contempt. Jeff Kennett has a great deal to answer for in selling the SECV, same as John Olsen does for the ETSA.


I had to remind Malcolm Roberts that renewable means you can use it over and over


GMH were given the funds to produce the global GM rear wheel drive platform because that was what they had expertise in. GM would have had a range of existing designs for other platforms, and no desire to replicate them.


Week old.


July 9, 2017 7:14 p.m. ET
Tesla Inc.’s TSLA 1.35% sales in Hong Kong came to a standstill after authorities slashed a tax break for electric vehicles on April 1, demonstrating how sensitive the company’s performance can be to government incentive programs.

Not a single newly purchased Tesla model was registered in Hong Kong in April, according to official data from the city’s Transportation Department analyzed by The Wall Street Journal.

In March, shortly after the tax change was announced and ahead of the April 1 deadline, 2,939 Tesla vehicles were registered there—almost twice as many as in the last six months of 2016.

The end of the tax exemption “has really put the brakes on electric-vehicle adoption in Hong Kong,” said Mark Webb-Johnson, a founder of Charged Hong Kong, a group that promotes electric vehicles.

As a result of the new policy, the cost of a basic Tesla Model S four-door car in Hong Kong​ has effectively risen to around $130,000 from less than $75,000.

$55,000 USD per car in subsidies in Hong Kong.

$30,000 USD per car in subsidies in the US.

How much here?




Well that's one.

Still can't understand why coal powered vehicles get preferential treatment.


Sure is, but with that price bracket it would also mean the likes of the Mini Cooper John Cooper Works and Lotus Evora as examples that would also fall into the incentive. Also the brackets are now $65,094 and $75,526 so Tesla need to update their website. Also it’s not a subsidy, it’s more a higher threshold for more efficient vehicles (not matter what they are powered with). The LCT remember is best explained (close enough) as an additional GST of 33% on the 10% they would’ve paid. So the maximum benefit any fuel efficent car that meets the criteria is ~$2,307.69. Also remember the LCT was introduced in 2000 as a measure to help support the local car industry from cheap imports.

Remember too it’s any car that qualifies regardless of what it runs on. So if you can build a steam car that runs on less than 7L water per 100km that qualifies.

Given how many Telsa’s were sold here (583 as of 2016 in total over all years) of the $650M raised in 2016 (alone) from this tax it wouldn’t be a huge amount.

But if you want a fair playing field and preferrential treatment though, perhaps consider the diesel rebate that cost us $3B last financial year. Remember too a rebate comes right off your tax bill. It is does not reduce your taxable income to calculate your tax due.


Does that amount of deisel rebate apply only to road vehicles or does it include the myriad of other users? Forestry, off road transport, rail, agricultural, maritime, hospitals, retirement homes, ingredients in manufacturing processes, solvents, fuel oil, heating etc. etc.


It applies to all that fit the specific category unlike the ‘incentive’ you mentioned to any type of business purpose or individual user. Also the retirement homes and hospitals falls under a different scheme.


It’s actually a pretty detailed scheme with all sorts of fine print so I won’t pretend i’m an expert in this field.