Tesla just changed everything


and I think Toyota were up there around then, or was that more late 70s and early 80s? Creators of kanban production methods and lean manufacturing that has been adopted world wide in hundreds of industries.


With one notable exception…


The Canyonaro?


Mazda were the standard used by Holden, the engineers brought cars in and disassembled them and then cracked down on the rest of the industry.


What kind of money hungry exploitative scumbag would come up with this idea?

Same battery, range limited by bastardry.


You know Elon Musk didn’t found Tesla. He’s not the brains behind it, hasn’t designed a car etc. He just brings money to talent.

That’s it. Glad he is successful at making companies from others talent. As seems good for the world


Released two new products today, a truck and the next generation of the original roadster. They are both bonkers.

They may take ages to come to market, and they may have their problems, but what I find amazing is Tesla releases something, Twitter explodes, tech sites go crazy and it’s the lead story in all world news.

For a truck and a car

That’s changed everything in itself.


They are a very very very good marketing company.
Reputedly lose 5 figures on every vehicle - share price climbs up and up.

Terrible at designing or making pretty much anything, but you wouldn’t know it.


Not me. There are many like yourself that have a varying degree of being sucked into the man made climate hoax. They are ripe for being ripped off and stooged.


I don’t trust musk at all.


Then you trust him far too much.

Had a friend sign up for a job there, it’s a toxic environment.


They were losing 13k a car prior to the mega factory being built. That’s old news HAP

FWIW I know 2 people who work at SpaceX and said it’s the best job they have ever had

That being said they used to work for CSIRO so the bar was pretty low




Don’t know a thing about spaceX. I doubt they are trying to build anything at volume yet, they may not have run into troubles.

I still would not trust a word out of that man’s mouth. He is extremely full of ■■■■.


If I could afford it I’d totally buy one of his cars: they look cool and are fkn fast.


Space X have certainly had troubles. They couldn’t do anything without blowing up their rockets until recently.


As recently as today, in fact


I like th senator who tweeted out a photo of the Tesla in space. “Pretty good achievement for an immigrant”


2 outa 3 ain’t bad?


Amazing outcome really.

They said in the press conf afterwards that the main core wasn’t going to be used again anyway so they’re not concerned about the loss, just annoyed that it didn’t work.