Tesla just changed everything


It’s actually pretty amazing. When you consider that up until SpaceX, which again, is just a private company . Boosters and Cores just stayed up in space as junk.

Both boosters which have landed have been confirmed as able to reuse.

For what it’s worth, the center booter made the barge, it just came in to “hot” 300kms to exact. One of its landing rockets didn’t fire. Musk said they didn’t calculate the propellant correctly so it didn’t have enough to slow down enough.

Speaking of burn, they underestimated the burn of the final stage and the roadster will overshoot Mars and end up orbiting Ceres.

People bagging these two things are legit idiots.

It’s an amazing achievement in such a short period of time.


And it all cost them about $160m

Which seems quite cheap compared to what NASA had to shell out in the past


Yep and the cost goes down again technically when they reuse those boosters


While that is true, that was also 30+ year old tech. The rocket scientists working on SpaceX could have done that working on NASA programs if they’d had the funding to actually develop a program.

But I’m not here to bag anyone, this is a fantastic achievement. And it’s a great car ad. And the car thing is a great metaphor for the collapse of the society.

But all in all there’s a whole lot of smart people who’ve put so much time in to making this happen, and I’m so excited for all of them. (and I liked the Hitchhikers touch)

But I’m still cynical of Musk’s motives, and am still disappointed at the lack of public funding for this stuff.


reflects some more

considers frosty as an 18yo compared to now

Do you reckon Elon would give me a job?


The only people bagging these kinds of things are hyper-partisan idiots who don’t like Musk because they have their heads up their arses about renewables. I’ve already seen a few say things like “it’s not going to get off the ground” and “going to be an expensive bonfire”. Same people then said things like “didn’t achieve mission goals. Shut these guys down. Waste of time and money.” and “most of it crashed into the Atlantic and everyone is cheering. Idiots”




Being a visionary/genius comes hand-in-hand with being the occasional ■■■■■■■■ and needing to get pulled up on it, unfortunately.
At least - that’s my excuse.



P.S. I am right now returning from a meeting with Tesla/State and local Governments.


Elon Musk’s Mates Try To Subtly Explain To Him That He’s Coming Across As A Bit Of A C–t

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | Contact

Close friends of South-African-Canadian-San-Fran-Ciscan entrepreneur and evangelist, Elon Musk, have today organised an intervention aimed at subtly informing the egotistical Afrikaan that he’s being a bit of a ■■■■.

This comes after Musk lashed out at a British diver involved in the dramatic rescue of a Thai soccer team and their coach after his offer of help was labelled a “PR stunt”.

After a few rounds of San Fran Cisco Bitter, Elon’s close mate, Wazza began tip toeing around the international headlines.

“Musky, what’s this stuff that’s been going on with this diver. What’ve I been reading?” asks Wazza. Who knows very well what’s been happening, because it’s all been unfolding on Twitter.

Mr Musk went onto explain how he had made the unfounded slur of labelling the veteran diver a “pedo” in response to criticism to his offer of help for the boys trapped in the Thai cave.

The Tesla and SpaceX founder brought a mini submarine to Thailand, which he suggested could be used to get the boys out, but the idea was rejected by officials as “not practical” – because it was very clearly just an opportunity for Musk to promote his tech empire.

British diver Vern Unsworth, 63, a key member of the rescue team, shot down Mr Musk’s idea in an interview about the ordeal with CNN.

Mr Musk responded by making the unfounded claims about the veteran diver.

“He can stick his submarine where it hurts,” Mr Unsworth said.

“It had absolutely no chance of working. He had no conception of what the cave passage was like… Just a PR stunt.”

Speaking to the boys today, Musk revealed just how much it hurt to be criticised after a lifetime of being treated like an absolute matyr.

“He’s a ■■■■■■■… Ooooh look at me, I can rescue little kids with just a couple oxygen tanks” said Musk.

“You reckon you might be carrying on a bit” asked his other mate, Bevo.

“WHAT?!” shouted Elon.

At time of press, Elon’s old mates had spent two hours attempting to massage his ego, while subtly telling him that they kind of agree with the English diver.


A bit?
More like deadset.


He is going off the deep end lately, this is how super villains are created or worse the Thomas Eddisons of the world


Every day more and more



Parody people, … parody.



Just took a heck of a tumble in stocks. Whoopsie.


The submarine thing was so obviously a complete wank that he might have turned the tide of popular opinion against him with that one stunt.


This might help the fans.


On the other hand he has just increase the price of reserving a Model 3 from $1,000 to $2,500.
Despite holding $500 million in deposits he is scrabbling for cash.


Yep, he could have simply stated “we wanted to help and provide some options for the rescue team. In the end, they did a great job getting all the kids out safely and our gear wasn’t needed. For us, it turned out to be a good engineering challenge that may have some applications for future emergency rescue scenarios, so we’ll take that as a positive”. He would have still gotten his exposure and come across as waaaaay less of a tool.

He’s had a few of these moments recently. Seems he may be feeling a bit stressed. It’s a shame really, because generally his endeavours give a lot more cause for optimism than what we get from our elected dear leaders.


Seems to be a clever bloke.

He would want to start making a lot of cars because the mainstream is catching up. Tesla’s cars might be cool. but when you can walk into your Hyundai dealer slap down less than 50k and drive out in an eletric car he is going to have trouble keeping people (who in at least some part, have environmental issues at heart) from taking their cash and doing the same.


There’s always a market for super cars - talk to people who own Lamborghini, Ferrari - Maserati, even, about ‘Hyundai’.
Reminds me of that Glengarry Glenross quote -
“See this watch? This costs more than your car”


So far as I can tell end game for Tesla and other companies like Rimac who advanced the tech of electric cars, a world like your talking about is essentially the aim, hence why Musk originally open sourced the tech and Rimac promotes themselves as a parts company despite the fact they also make the worlds fastest EV’s

I think with Tesla we are starting to see, this Musk stuff aside the heavy hand of shareholders