Tesla just changed everything


Yes they were.


Then, ‘he has yet to succeed at anything’ seems both mean and wrong.


I heard rumours about the opposite on SA. In line with its not all as it seems. But you wont here anything because its the government and tesla.


Lithium is booming. Massive spike in December and Jan, Lithium shares on the ASX going gangbusters.


It’s actually such a furphy though - Lithium is such a small component of the battery. EDIT: And the 4th most abundant element in the world from memory. Cobalt is the killer.


I here Vandium might be the next big thing. Way to technical for me to understand though.


Well wrong definitely.
But mean? I’m not so sure.
That’s a very minor success in his grand scheme of claims.


Musk started one of the companies that eventually became PayPall. Was the largest shareholder when Ebay bought hem for billions. I’d call that success


If I did it, I would.


I’d also argue the design and implementation of the reusable rocket is a success too.


Bigger than bitcoin?
Where do I sign up?


This really feels like people waiting to hit the fire button on his companies because they don’t like what they do.



It looks to me like people are getting sick of huge claims, and huge expense, for not much in the way of results. And it looks like it’s the behaviours, and the way business is done, not what they do. No one is hooking into any other company because the don’t like electric cars for example. I seems to be the how and why, not the what. And he seems to be coming across as a bit of a ■■■■■■, which definitely isn’t helping the cause.


How did you end up going with your bitcoin investment?

I assume everyone who put money in when that thread was a hot topic, didn’t do to well.


I didn’t invest much, so didn’t lose much!


My main concern is that he has ■■■■■■ his first mover advantage up against the wall.

He has shown the big boys there is a market for eletric cars. Now most are releasing them.

If he could have taken advantage of the people lined up to buy, by actually selling them a car, he might have stood a chance.

Thats before we look at the line and wonder how many of those in it have bought a car ‘off the plan’ to sell to someone else in the future. The longer that car takes to eventuate the more likley the buyer won’t pay to skip the line…


This is my broader point, I’ve always seen his ventures more as a disruption initiate than giant profit grabs.

He has started several trends, all of which are positive, there is no denying that.


Problem is he has a large number of shareholders who expect a return…


Really? Not much in the way of results? He has pioneered reusable rockets and is moving quickly (in the scheme of the fkn rocket/mars colonisation industry…) towards massive success.

He (and his team) has (have) pushed EV-ification 15 years forward, at the absolute minimum. With the first successful car startup since the 1930s (Chrysler I think), they have made the first EVER viable long range EV (Model S) which - is arguably one of the most important cars in history not to mention one of the better cars ever made in terms of the step change it is over its predecessors (the iPhone comparison gets made a lot because of the Jobs/Musk comparison but in many ways the products are very similar).

They have gone from making 30 cars a month of the Model 3 to making 5,000 p/week in a year which is in relative terms zero time at all in the industry. VERY likely that in less than a year they’ll double that to 10,000 p/week.

Does he seem like a rare sort of a guy? Yeah. You’d imagine someone who build rockets and EVs might be.
You might not be talking just about this but was his tweet insane? It’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen and I spend 90% of my life on the internet’s biggest single team fan forum.

But I cannot see how his results are anywhere near the neighbourhood of “not much”.


Genuine question, I’m interested. How did he ■■■■ the advantage up the wall and what would you have done differently?

I agree with you it’s going to be REALLY interesting to see how the big boys are mobilising. I think the one thing you’ve missed in your post is that most of the EVs being released are fkn ■■■■. What they really need is a ground up re-think the same way Tesla did as mostly what they are is re-tooling of current ICEs. BMW is a good example - their i3 is just crappy. Would anyone actually buy it?

Totally agree with you though that IF the big guys actually had the balls to do a massive pivot all at once and throw huge amounts of capital and R&D at EVs then it’d be a fascinating race to watch. I do think Tesla is a lot further ahead (autonomy, charging network) than people give them credit for but also the others are not to be underestimated IF they really want to go after them. I don’t think they are yet other than lazily dipping toes in the water.