Tesla just changed everything


I think of him as basically a genius with ADHD. Brilliant at coming up with creative innovations to solve big problems that exist, but quickly then loses interest once they are up and running. I think he finds the actual business side of things tedious, boring and of little consequence. He is also a brilliant marketer and self-promoter, like many, if not most entrepreneurs - successful or otherwise.


What has he ever lost interest in? Ever?

I’ve read his bio and he doesn’t strike me as that in fact it’s kinda the exact opposite. Obssessively driven.

I can hazard a guess at a few things going on in his brain that I won’t enunciate from the other side of the world on a footy forum…


99% of writings about him don’t appear all that objective… especially those with the ability to make or lose a stack of money.


General Motors are going to destroy Tesla once they finalize the capabilities of there production plants. And the fraud Elon will be put to the sword



Yep they said the same when Honda started importing their little shiteboxes into the USA.

That worked well !




Hi Elon


They’re not making anywhere near 5k a week.

Which is his biggest problem.

He makes grandiose claims, to grab headlines, to drive hype, to push up the share price.
Then tries to work out if said claim is somewhere near feasible. It’s generally not.

He does a lot of figure fudging - every reporting date, there’s 5-15,000 vehicles “in transit”.

And people are cottoning on.


How many World saving projects is he currently working on?


Not really the same.

50s & 60s Japanese manufacturers were already huge - just unknown in the Western market.

Tesla started from nothing and are hell bent on becoming Honda or Toyota in a decade, but also trying to skip all the lessons that Honda and Toyota learnt.

The Honda and Toyota analogy is more akin to Geely or Chery.


I never knew or realised there was such feral, visceral Elon Musk hate out there.


Is this the part where I post what you post in 90 percent of other threads? “And the point of your post is?”

What part of my post is inaccurate?


Simply incorrect. They hit 5k per week for the first time at end of June.

Look at the Bloomberg Tesla Model 3 tracker (independently sourced by VIN registration figures and sightings in the wild). I think it was posted above.

Will note that it’s an automatically calculated figure based on manually entered figures (by Bloomberg) that they update every second day but for some reason haven’t touched in a month hence the figure fking up and being 2500 p week (and dropping) which is great timing for my point… But it was 5000 at the end of June


I’m not commenting on your accuracy one way or the other.
Just your zealotry.


How is it zealotry? That’s just an idiotic way of playing the man and not the ball. What I said is either right, wrong or somewhere in between.

Or you know just post a stupid one liner that adds nothing


5000 cars is a drop in the ocean for a company with the market cap of Tesla. Bmw has roughly the same market cap and they are doing 40 times that.

To stop losing $6500 a minute they need to do a lot better than that. Or more likley file for bankrupcy protection, give their debtors stake in the company and start again. But they will need to address that $6500 a minute, otherwise the debtors will liquidate the company and it will end up being a division of another auto maker.


No it’s not. The way you are going on is the absolute definition of zealotry. It reads like fanaticism based on reading his bio. You remind me of Bacchus discussing the Labor party.

But whatever you think it is is ok.
I’m not all that interested in him one way or the other.
Just found your attitude rather full on.
But it’s neither here nor there really.


Well, no.

TESLA reported they made 5,000 in a week.

Bloomberg’s numbers for that same week had 4395 - 13% lower.

It says 2825 right now.

He knows how to massage reporting dates.

If I was cynical i’d guess his “5,000 cars week” was surrounded by a couple of weeks he didn’t “deliver” many at all.
And included the hundreds of lemons that have to go back for rework.
That’s why there’s always 5,000 or 10,000 cars “in transit”.

He’s playing games to get the figures up.


While the rocket stuff was undoubtedly cool. The level of “pioneering” is significantly overplayed. (The fine print on a lot of the claims reads "first commercial implementation of…). The Mars stuff is still a long way away.

The electric car stuff is obviously the core of the empire, and looks pretty good. Whetherthey can transition from (to use a camera company analogy) Leica, to Canon is a big question. Maybe they shouldn’t even be trying to, but conceptually it’s understandable. I think other companies would have spin off a mass market brand from the Tesla brand.

Power wall stuff. Well getting it done in SA is pretty good. Is the technology that Tesla has significantly better than others? I doubt it, but you have to pay the effort to actually implement on a large scale.

But really the backlash was always going to come, given the massive pr/marketing game. Someone was always going to pull back the curtain, and it was never going to be quite as promised. How he handles the scrutiny, and whether he can get past that is the real challenge.


And btw if half the ■■■■ about how he treats employees ever gets out, or how he bribes customers not to report safety issues, he’s in for a loooot of trouble.