Tesla just changed everything


I don’t know the details of any of this, but that would raise questions for me…


There’s more of a market and profit in the battery boxes IMO.


Just to clarify - it’s a book about him, not written by him


The Bloomberg figures work on a rolling average so they are always lagging behind (it says it in the tracker). Tesla reported that they hit their stretch goal of 5k in a 7 day period. No doubt they dropped a bit after hitting that goal to retool in order to move beyond 5k as a steady state. Bloomberg wasn’t going to catch up unless Tesla maintained 5k for a good amount of time and/or surpassed it immediately.

After I responded to your post I did a little bit of research and one POV was that people were fastidiously finding, recording and reporting VINs when they were at less than/slightly over 1k a week as it was more interesting back then and made more of a difference. Apparently reporting has plummeted given the interest has waned as the “floodgates have opened” for orders and the queue isn’t really a thing anymore (talking USA only here - ordering today you only wait 4-5 months if you order the long range w/AWD. Without any production bottleneck it’s 3 months as that’s what it takes to physically process/manufacture/test/ship). Whether or not you agree with that is up to you. I do wonder why Bloomberg themselves haven’t commented on the thing in a month…


Would be interested to hear info on the safety thing? The Model S is the safest sedan ever made and by a considerable lead over 2nd place. Model X is the same for SUV. Are you talking about early issues with Model 3 orrrrrr?


I’m reporting facts that I have read about the company and where it’s my opinion it’s pretty clearly pointed out.

I came to the Tesla thread to discuss Tesla, pulled you up on your frankly idiotic comment that Elon Musk/Tesla have delivered “not much” in results and you’ve responded with “hi Elon” and “Zealotry”. Let me know when you want to talk about Tesla.


I don’t care about Musk.
Don’t have solar, won’t be buying an electric car, am not going to Mars.

But the backlash over the pedo thing is both obvious and insignificant.
And that article, ‘never succeeded at anything’ is such clearly biased, inflammatory, agenda-based, standard modern journalism garbage that it makes me doubt criticism against him, not buy into it.


“Re tool”

They got a tent and they’re building cars in it.

This is fine.jpg


He’s got a pretty consistent history of personal attacks on critics though.

Normally accuses anyone who writes anything factual, sorry, critical, of “short selling stock”.
Mind you, he doesn’t see an issue with giving heaps of exclusives to an online magazine who’s owners own a bunch of his stock. Not much more than paid advertorials.
It’s terrible journalism all round.

I happen to know a bloke, auto engineer, who actually worked for him. He has some… interesting… things to say.


CEO is jerk.

I’m sure your friend has interesting tales to tell.
I’m not trying to deify the guy.
I would be interested to know if they’re more than S.O.P. for corporations though, compared to Apple, for example.


Please reference.


At work so can’t look it up but it’s whatever the independent standard is for car safety. ANCAP comes to mind but I’m guessing that’s Aus and this would be USA. They go through it in the Model X unveil (c. 2016?) which is available on YouTube


This bloke’s worked for GM, and the auto arm of bosch, and has mostly positive things to say about them.

He basically thinks his cars don’t need to be tested before they’re put on the road. Cos he’s a genius.

So what would be a 5 year model development cycle for someone who knows what they’re doing - toyota or honda or gm or ford - he tries to push through in 2. Because he’s the only person who’s ever thought of trying to do things quickly ever before.

And when the cars break, or crash, which they do, because it’s the real world, he gives people money so they don’t report it to the US car safety admin (NHTSA) which would possibly trigger a recall.

Whether you care or not that he treats people - particularly international workers on working visas - like ■■■■, he tries to dodge safety standards. Because stock price.
It’s no good.



Given a lot of the safety concerns are battery related, have standard caught up?



The big issue is tesla want to market it as Autopilot, but it’s not.
And whenever someone has a crash, which they do, because it’s the real world, they point to their fine print which explicitly says “this is not autopilot”.
They’ll happily promote videos of people doing whatever in a driver’s seat, but when they crash, they fall back on “please pay full attention”.

Scumbag behaviour, in a safety critical environment.


Nothing is ever exactly the same, but my comment was not about Tesla, but about GMH who have been a basket case ever since one of my Father-in-Laws worked for them in Detroit in the 1960s.

I do not get the hate for Mr Musk, as he may be an arrogant tool, but he has mostly done what he claimed he would do. Maybe another case of tall poppy syndrome, and BBlitz has a real viral load of this.


As a union man, you should have all sorts of issues with him.
Do some googling.


I just hate electric cars. Like a bit of the explosions


Actually for me, I think their best long term play is the battery business, home, business, and farms like in SA.

As for the cars it should be like RIMAC, make a few boutique vehicles but primarily develop tech for other people.

If I was musk I’d be focusing on the battery stuff, the auto divisions is proving to be a massive distraction right now.


Except he didn’t call it that, as he wasn’t actually a founder.