Tesla just changed everything


I’m with Bacchus on this, I dont condone any of what HAP is saying if it’s true. But history will show most of the great innovators tend to be like that.

Steve Jobs was a complete ■■■■ who treated everyone he knew just about like a pile of caca, and Apple has had their fair share of poorly treated workers, and safety issues. Yet Jobs and Apple are revered , and rightly so. They have changed the way we live.

Musks endeavours are grand ones, I’m not surprised he has cut corners to try and make them happen. But the fact is if his end game is affordable electric cars, off grid houses, and populating mars, then ■■■■. Good on him, and god on your mate @Henry_s_Angry_Pills for putting up with his ■■■■.


I guess what I’m saying is I have worked for my fair share of ■■■■■■ who have treated me badley, and their customers, all in the name of profit.

None of them were doing it trying to solve the worlds energy problems


Do you really, genuinely think Musk is??


I also don’t see what “off grid” is hoping to solve

The grid is a very very very very efficient, and very low maintenance, way to transport energy.

What’s at the end of that grid is the issue.


He didn’t, for long.
He wanted to do the job that he signed up for, and the hours he was being paid for.
Tesla don’t like that sort of talk from their visa workers, allegedly, so he took his green card and hopped on a plane home.


So those profits are rolling in, huh?
Any week now.

2 bill down the ■■■■■■■ last FY.

But my profits are yuge, believe me.
And those base model 3s
Believe me, they’ll be great.
Just believe me.


Yeah nah. You don’t get a free pass because you’re an “innovator” whatever that might mean.

If you’re a visionary leader you don’t need to be a ## to make stuff happen.


Yeah, I do.

I think though the question you should be asking is not is he trying to do that, but what are his motives for trying to do that.

Coz I totally understand what you’re trying to sell HAP. I just think you’re a bit reverse Dell about it. Coz there is plenty of other thing he could have done with his fortune that could have made him a lot more money without having to solve exponential engineering challanges that all his businesses tackle. Like buying an oil company for starters.

You’re super jaded of you can’t see that.


That’s true, I’m just saying history shows musk is not Robinson Caruso when it comes to less than ideal business practice to get his products to market


The safety concerns aren’t really battery related. They’re one of the biggest overstatements of the naysayer crowd. One Tesla caught fire and it makes worldwide news. As a Dons fan through the saga I’m sure you can imagine! I think they boast less than half the per mile accidents compared to average but every prang makes headlines.

If I had to be in a crash and was worried about catching fire I know what sort of car I’d rather be in and it ain’t the one filled with 50 litres of fuel…

If you actually go watch that vid I mentioned it’s fascinating how they get the safety so high - low centre of gravity due to the battery being in a tray on the floor, no engine up front means massive “buffer” for crumpling etc etx


Hitler was an arsehat, doesn’t mean his regime didn’t give the world the Volkswagen Beetle, which ended up being one of the great liberators of the people.


You can’t use the media for your own benefit then ■■■■■ when it backslashes.


You can actually. It just diminishes the position somewhat


Massive CAPEX spend due to unprecedented ramp up in production of the most in demand car release of all time (and supercharger network) . That’s pretty simple and I’m sure you know that already.

Point taken on the base model Model 3 but their reasons are pretty simple - they have almost 500k pre orders so they choose to prioritise high margin builds before low margin builds. But I know you know that too.


This is really weird, people seem to think there is only 2 possibilities that describe Musk and his businesses.

Misunderstood Genius, Captain Planet, Tony Stark, Robin Hood figure.

Evil genius hell bent on deception totally driven by money and has everyone in the world suckered except that person.

It’s somewhere in the middle of that you keyboard peanuts


To his credit he has shown that he isn’t driven by the accumulation of wealth. He uses his wealth as a means to an end. It appears to me that he is driven by adulation.

There are very few billionaires out there who have/are doing more for the planet, but he is still a d*ck.


Hit the nail right on the head.

It’s why he gets so jacked when people don’t see his bigger picture and focus on the detail


Jobs has no relation to Musk whatsoever. The man who lived totally in his head, of average intelligence, blessed with a lot of luck and the right people around him. His ‘vision’ was entirely based on his own wealth and profit. He lacked anything resembling concern for the common man. Just totally stuck up himself, and an arrogant tool. And I know - because I’ve spent time with him. Apple is ‘revered’ simply because of the slavish and sheepish nature of material man. Withhold your reverence for people with actual substance who strive to make the world a better place - not make it a playground or market for their personal use.


Don’t disagree with any of that, and I work for Apple.

I guess my broader point is we revere people and companies like that, yet denigrate Musk and Tesla

It’s a fascinating deep dive socially as to why


What? The internet basically worships Musk and his companies.