Tesla just changed everything


In other news every car manufacturer in the universe is transitioning to electric. Volvo will be 50% fully electric cars by 2025. But Tesla are having some issues.


OK so I left out generations, now name the industries that have gone belly up since 1970 and tell me that this country hasn’t lost its self sufficiency.
We are in such a pathetic state that you can’t even re-register a car without crawling to the Chinese.


Please explain


I usually like sorfed posts as a teaser against the expected norm. Creates passionate discussion.

But batteries and renewable have developed so far past tesla its not even funny.

This is now yesterdays news but good on em for innovating the world, Tesla that is. It’s now past them though - Invest elsewhere.

@sorfed I love alot of your left of field views because we need it but this is absurd mate.


Further to this - Mitsubishi and Nissan are smashing the Australian Market for Electric Vehicles and any discussion related to Tesla on the vehicle front is pretty much pointless.


Me too - even though I don’t necessarily agree with him; that line about fat bathers in Mentone still has me giggling whenever I think about it. About lack of self sufficiency - agree 100% though. And I assume he’s talking about industry in general and not just car industry.


That would be the far right field,. and IMO, we need them like an extra hole in the Head.

But then, I have always been biased toward reality.




Capitalism is a bitxh like that sometimes, come join the socialists comrade, we have cake


And /fxd


You can’t even make a chicken fly without pancakes


You sound Chinese


Gee, that takes me back to the 50’s.



The cognac in the executive suite is, of course, a business expense.


Takes me back to the speeth serapiths


Classic Band name that. Always drew a crowd despite being absoluteshit.



come join the socialists comrade, we have cake

I am confused, is that a quote from Maduro or Marie Antoinette.


It’s from Madeira.



Should be fun during bushfire season.

And to think they fined SP AusNet $500 million for failing to connect a $10 protective device.