Tesla just changed everything


Why the F are you posting this during a game?


It was either that or commit suicide.
The whole team has been drinking their own bath water.

The worst thing about it is that you could see it coming, you play as you train.


Just in, Bill Shorten just made all EV’s obsolete.
On the Jackie and O radio show he has announced that electric cars only take 8-10 minutes to recharge.




Get back in bed


did an electric car root your mrs or something?


Surprised there hasn’t been any mention of the recent Fiat/Tesla shady deal going on…



Poor old Libs. Running out of argument after argument after argument. Just FOAD. Now.


Would there be people stupid enough to believe the “ute” campaign?

Putting aside the people who came up with this campaign, does the Australian community have this level of stupidity in it to believe it? Serious question.


Not just utes


Yes, Yes it does.


Pauline has lots of supporters who believe every word she says


Of course they are stupid enough.

Just imagine how dumb the “average” person is.

Then realise that 50% of the population is dumber than that.

Never underestimate the stupidity of the electorate. Murdoch press doesn’t.


Proof that tesla S can out perform a Ford.


Deny he said it.


What is this ‘denial’, and can you show us how it works?


So had a test drive of the Renault Zoe. Nice car. Feels zippy enough compared to the standard CLio.

Price though is ridiculous. Can buy a Megane R.S for the same price or two top of the range Clios.

The model 3 is going for about 60 - 70k here too right?


A mate has paid for his, he paid 56k


No he hasn’t. Order pages haven’t opened in Aus yet