Tesla just changed everything

is this where the threads at?

Perhaps his mate is not in Aus.

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Yeah, in the US, but that was the Aussie conversion on what he paid

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Is this a thing with the Tesla model numbers?


So it’ll be much more here… kind of like a Focus is about $10k cheaper in the UK.

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What? no smartarse reply.

As a matter of interest how many days does it take to drive between Melbourne and Sydney?
How many nights in a motel and how much for food.

You’ve stopped yelling at electric clouds and now you’re yelling at yourself. Change is terrible, almost always, then it’s not.

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i wasn’t debating what a politician said on one of the worst radio programs in living memory, i don’t give a ■■■■. if he said that, then yes, that is a stupid thing to say.

i just find it weird that you seem to have such a passion for hating on electric cars. but, yeah, good on you for being so passionate about it.

It’s almost as though Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were millennial start up types and their breakthrough tech was threatening to upend the old trusted ways of doing things. With their fancy undercuts and knickerbockers and such.

“They took our utes!”

Do you reckon Pauline does a good potato cake or fried dimmy?

You forgot to add the Australia tax.

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I get you.
You’re saying we need to kill an elephant.

Edit: Now I want to watch the Edison v Tesla rap battle.

You kids are on the drugs

Actually went to her old fish and chip place once. Mrs Fox has relatives (by marriage !) with high levels of ■■■■ Neanderthal DNA near Ipswich.

Very average potato scallops (as they call them) and the dimmys looked like large dog turds.

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That’s the thing, as an Aussie national he didn’t get the rebate US citizens got. So we figure if there ends up being an EV sub, which most likely will be removal of GST or something, it’s probably going to be around 60k Aussie all in

You need to look up what the “Australia tax” means.

And why they think we are “Treasure Island”.

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I have never said I hate electric cars what I have said is that outside the inner city they are completely and absolututely useless.
I used the Melbourne-Sydney trip as an example.
The Nissan Leaf has a maximum range of 270km (if there is only the driver and if you are not causing a load and if there is no headwind or and if you don’t turn on the headlights or windscreen wipers) and a recharge time of 4.5 hours, not 8-10 mintutes as that ignorant ■■■■ that wants to force 50% of all cars sold to be electric.
The trip to Sydney involves 4 recharging stops at 4.5 hours - 18 hours plus 10 hours driving time all conditional on being able to find a vacant recharging socket immediately on arriva.

In peak traffic conditions there are 40,000 cars a day using the Hu, how many rechargers is that going to take

Then there is the problem of the extra capacity needed in the electricity supply system which is already stretched to breaking point.
That too is going to come under huge pressure as coal fired power station are phased out and Labors plan of 45% renewables comes into effect.

Just in case someone brings up the old chestnut of renewables being cheap my sister has returned from visiting her daughter in NZ where 80% of power is hydro.

42 NZD Kw.

Monthly bill $400.

Just remember the law of supply and demand


we’re just not going to 100% EVs overnight though, it’ll take 50 years.

Otherwise I agree with some of what you are saying and can’t be bothered picking apart the rest because history shows you don’t listen anyway.


He doesn’t realise that essentially we are at the beginning of a new age.
Similar protests were made when horse and carts were phased out.

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There’s not a lot of people driving more than 200km per day though, surely not.