Tesla just changed everything


Fair, my apologies.

But everyone has known the US price for years. A straight conversion is very messy and worth nothing as a guide.


Reckon we’ll get to 98% of cars by 2035, with 100% of new sales by 2030 (could see it by 2026/7 even). How’s that for a prediction.

It’ll be like the iPhone. Luxury first generation, a few mates have it by the 3rd, laugh at anyone you see without one (and manufacturers don’t even make the old stuff) by the 5th.


i remember sitting in the first mobile phone store i worked at in the hub arcade in Dandenong talking to who i can only assume was sorfed or a family member of his and them saying “oh these mobile phones, they are a fad!”


about 4% of the population according to ABS


Without the internet they might have been.


Yet MB have reported 355k (to Tesla’s 191k) for the whole year.

Still, they’re getting closer to legit numbers.


Irrelevant, isn’t it?
Most cars on the road at a given point have one person, and four empty seats.
Not many people go off road, compared to the number of 4WDs.
Then there’s V8 utes with almost useless plastic trays, and on and on.

We buy cars for what they can allow us to do, not what we do need it for.
They’re an aspirational purchase.


I assume you’re referring to the “Journey to Work” question. Caveat: that’s ignoring 60% of the population who mostly do much less (though not 60% of the households). Also, that’s one-way!

Obviously over the next decade 1) range will increase and 2) charging opportunities will increase, especially at these presumably mostly remote locations.


Some manufacturers aren’t making the old stuff already.


Clever pun… ?


Hamilton v Jefferson was good, so I imaging Tesla v Edison would be amazing.


Skrillex vs Mozart
Gates vs Jobs
Wright Bros vs Mario Bros are my favourites.


Like hell they were.

When the 48/215 was introduced there was a long waiting list and a premium attached.


You live in a world of your own.
Try living in the outer eastern suburbs.
Rosebud to Boronia 150 km round trip
Wellington Rd is nearly 40 km long.
Dopey Dan’s replacement for the East West link adds adds 22 km to a trip to the western suburbs alone.

Bet you live in the inner city or the pampered west.


Plenty of E cars would do that trip on one charge.

Well, I live in Northcote, with half of blitz, not sure that makes much difference.


What? After travelling on a 70 km trip work and then another 5 km to the station to pick up the wife

Northcote, poor you, not much public transport around there.
We do have a bus that runs every 70 minutes but it stops at 9:15pm.
There was a train line proposed to run between Ferntree Gully and Huntingdale down Wellington Rd past VFL Park and Monash university but John Cain and the Labor Party stopped that idea in a hurry


Coulour me shocked this “debate” continues to be argued on the basis of which team you barrack for.


I’m sure if you have a bit more of a go you’ll get a fair go eventually.


Just stating facts, and I didn’t even touch the Mornington bypass or Wellington Rd or even the cessation, of work on the Dandenong railway crossing that cost a woman her life.


I reckon the Labor Party under John Cain built more km of tram lines than had been made under the previous 20+ years of Bolte/Hamer governments and the next years of the Boofhead government. That includes the extension of the line out through the eastern suburbs towards Ferntree Gully that you are so concerned about.

I never heard of this proposed train line you are talking about; it doesn’t sound like it was seriously proposed.