That's a funny Pronunciation


Old school romantic you, wait…:wink:


…wait…you asked her to chew the fat…???


I noticed LMW was saying becez from a very young age and tried my darnedest to hammer it out of her (and myself), but it hasn’t worked.


I find ‘bee-corse’ the most annoying.


That’s funny. Had that same discussion with Mrs Hambo tonight. John Howard was the worst offender. Turnbull had some weird Synedyisisms too.



Just caught myself saying, ‘Aw, yagodoo.’
Translation: I sympathise, but sometimes unpleasant tasks are necessary.

What hope have people got with that?


Push pineaple shake the tree?



I probably didn’t really explain it properly.
It was supposed to be, ‘you’ve got to.’
But not only does it not sound anything like that, trying to explain the context of it is very difficult.


Well done.

Some of the pronunciations that the rhyme says are correct are pretty old-fashioned and I think no longer in general use even among upper-class Poms, eg., inveigle pronounced as inveegle to rhyme with eagle, or Pall Mall as pell-mell. The Shorter Oxford puts those and the now-current invaygle and pal Mal as alternatives. There are a couple of others too.

Also it’s pretty hard to read that correctly if you haven’t practised.


haha - yeah, those two threw me - but practicing would have made it less fun :slight_smile:


My folks are both English, middle-class and nudging 80. They’ve always pronounced it as “Pal Mal”.


My father was English and well educated and at one stage worked in Whitehall. He called it Pal Mal too.


I learned it off cigarette packets, and then from Monopoly. I’ve always said ‘pall mall’. As in funeral wrap/shopping complex. I was educated, if you can call it that, in Europe with English as a 2nd language, and left school to work full time at 14.




Not a pronunciation thing, but definitely a Perth thing, what is it with asking for your coffee to be topped up?


i think once upon a time those dumb silent letters were actually used. there was a segment on ABC774 a little while back about it. i’ll try and find it when i cbf.


Which is the same for a lot of the weird non-phonetic pronounciations. They’re just historical hangers on.


Is this one of those scam threads that gets all the Blitz grammar police into one thread, then you perma ban them?


Ive always said ‘mal’ and ‘pal mal’

Not ‘mawl’.

It’s from the French ‘paille maille’ which would be pronounced more like pie (with a ‘y’ emphasis on the end). It’s not really anglicised spelling wise to have ’ pie- myy’ make any sense so you might as well go with pal mal.

People who pronounce Moët like Moe or mow-ay rather than ‘mow-ett’ are probably from Moe.


Listening to the History of English podcast, lots of letters like the ‘k’ in knight, used to be pronounced.