The Beer Thread


Blackman’s from Torquay have been doing some good stuff. Their Juicy Banger is tip top and I see they’ve just done a strawberry gose which should be nice and refreshing.

The other I’ve been loving, and I’ve posted it in here earlier is Sierra Nevada’s Tropical Torpedo IPA.


I remember sitting down at a restaurant near Budvar, picking up a menu and the beer was the cheapest option, haha.


Thanks mate. I’ve had the tropical torpedo and love it. I’ll check the others out and report back.


You honestly have no option but to order it


Funny you mention Sierra Nevada, I just had the Celebration Fresh Hop IPA with dinner tonight. It reaches Japan this time every year, does it show up in Oz? A tasty dependable drop.


In Czech beer is life. The pity that we don’t get all their beers, and each brewery always has a light and a dark beer to choose from.

Must go back again!


Not sure about that. Will check it out today.


Depends on budget and who you’re buying for. Squires Hop Theif isn’t a bad cheap option if you’re buying for non craft drinkers although I reckon if you end with most of the slab you’ll be well over it by the end.

Looking like a pretty warm Christmas so I’d be looking at a Balter XPA, Colonial Pale Ale or maybe Kolsch Ale. Hell, you could even get the Bomber branded Colonial Kolsch tins.

Something special to wash down the Christmas pudding might be a Barrel Aged Stout, Founders CBS is being released tomorrow so you might be able to pick up a few somewhere around town. It’s only going into 3 specialty craft bottlo’s.

Not sure what side of town you’re on but I know Grape and Grain in Moorabbin will have them.

Boatrocker have just released this year’s “Fat Santa” Whisky Barrel Aged Imp Stout. Aged in Starward Whisky barrels. Comes in 500ml bottles so good to share over some Christmas Pud.


Yeah they’ve got distro through Dan Murphy’s as well as being in most smaller independents.


This is the best Calendar beer I’ve seen or tasted this summer. Nothing from the Beer Cartel/Boozebud calendars comes close. Holy ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ this is a work of art.

Pours thick and viscous like a double/Imp stout with a thick coffee head. Rich chocolatey roasted malt dominates and you think for all the world this is an Imp Stout of the highest quality. Then bam, thick resinous hops hits your palate with its dank bitterness balancing out the malt. Not subtle, this beer hides non of it’s 8.2% as it coats your mouth and slides down your throat leaving you wanting more. Perfectly balanced though in spite of its “size” and dangerously smashable!


Budget is whatever I like. It’s Christmas!

Balter might be the way to go. The XPA is a ripper and will suit the warmer weather. I feel a bit guilty saying this due to the connection to the club but the Colonial brews didn’t really don’t much for me.


Guilty? Pls. Just because they have a commercial arrangement with the club doesn’t mean you have to like them.

Go the Balter or the Philter then. Balter are 16 tin slabs though so Philter might be a better option. Arguably a better beer anyway.

Another option might be Joe’s brew, Noble Boy Pale Ale, although you’ve missed Christmas Delivery on this one I think.

Stomping Ground Pale Ale isn’t bad either.




You better not cross Reboot and the new business connection :smile:



It ■■■■■■■ was. Without any exaggeration it was possibly the best beer I’ve had all year.


Any good actual Xmas beers. Like pine needle hop profile and a dash of cinnamon and cloves?

Seems like a few in the states, but any Aus ones?


Where and how do I get this beer?!

I’m obsessed by Gose, lambics, sours.


The Blackberry was one of their short runs. They currently have a watermelon and a strawberry. I haven’t tried either but will try to get my hands on them today. I think their FB page lists the stockists.


Just had this year’s on tap and it’s a great smooth sipper. A touch hot I thought, so I’ll hang on to my bottle for a bit, but would go great with pudding.