The Beer Thread


On tap? Not in Nippon?


On tap in Osaka. No sign of any making it there? Possibly only one came (I’d say a few in Tokyo), the same venue had it last year too.


Yeah we’re getting it tomorrow in a few joints. Might stop in and grab some from Grape and Grain.


Oh, I meant kegs. I would’ve thought the load sent would mirror Japan pretty much. Somewhere like Carwyn might hold one for a takeover event, I guess.


Yeah there’s only 3 venues with the kegs. I’d expect Carwyn are one of them although I’ve not seen anything on the socials from them about it where as G&G are trumpeting theirs. Such a cracking beer, the standard for that style. Stockade’s Mountie Maple Imp Stout is a very good version also, was the people’s choice at GABS last year.


Oh gotcha, great to hear. CBS is way more subtle with the maple than Stockade, just coming from the use of syrup barrels I believe. Both great. I got to try Great Notion Double Stack a few months back, that was a fantastic maple imp stout.


Righto. So I just mixed it all up. Strawberry, watermelon, mango and raspberry gose, tropical sour 4 pack for the warm arvo and for later on a couple of neipa’s and thought I’d try Colonial’s Porter for good measure.


Oh, and these 2.



The Colonial Robust Porter is one of the best I’ve had and probs their 2nd best beer (the best being last year’s Inquest), this might turn you around on them…


That’s good to hear. I have to admit last time I drank their beers I had been on the Balter XPA so it was always going to be tough to follow that.


Nothing in that lot that’s gonna compromise the Porter so you’ll get a good feel for it. I really really rate it.

Ordering the Dunkula from Carwyn as we speak… :drooling_face:


Are you fairly local to Carwyn’s?


Not even close sadly. Used to be in Brunswick, now Bayside.
Gotta head out to Broadford tmrw though so may make the collection stop tomorrow on the way home. Epic mission for epic beer.


Haha sure is. Especially this time of the year. Traffic is madness.


I know, please don’t remind me… :frowning:

Things you gotta do eh. Heading to Brisbogan for Christmas so want take a few brews with me that I know I wont be able to get up there, got some Dainton’s as well and of course the last of the calendar brews will be coming along also.


That should keep you going for a bit. How have you rated Carwyn’s calendar so far? The BC one started pretty well but has faded a bit.


Ordered some Old Man Yells At Cloud Double NEIPA and a few other from Craft Cartel as well which has been delivered there, so with some local IPA’s that I’ll pick up when we arrive I should be pretty set for a week of sedentary intoxication.

Calendar has been excellent. Being all special limited releases for the calendar means I obviously haven’t had any before which is a good start. But add to that there’s been a good variety of styles from IPA’s, BIPA’s, NEIPA’s, IPL’s, Sour’s and Gose’s. Reckoning on a couple more dark varieties to come, maybe a big RIS or similar for the Christmas Eve brew.

I’ve really enjoyed it, will defs be going around again next year. I did consider the BC expert calendar and from what I’ve seen it was a definite bullet dodged in not getting it.


Not as adventurous as the posts going on in here atm but I stocked up on the Balter XPA for the summer holidays.

They are staring at me right now, so might try & sneak a can in during work this arvo & one when i get home tonight.

With the smaller slab, they might be gone a bit to fast.



That beer on tap is tasty.

Stocking up on Black Hops ‘Gold Coast Ale’ for Xmas.

Similar to Stone Wood’s ‘Pacific Ale’


I’m gonna look for the new Scrimshaw Australian IPA from Green Beacon while I’m in Brisbogan, or some other SEQ IPA’s, they’re very sessionable and generally quite light on the malt profile so super refreshing in the heat and humidity!