The Beer Thread


One of the best session brews going around. :ok_hand:


How much do the Carwyn calendars go for? Might get into it next year.


Just bought some Count Dunkula based on this recommendation.

Will report back


I think they were about $150 this year.


Are the Balter’s larger cans?


No don’t think so. 375ml.


Won’t be disappointed!


The IIPA and the Stout they did are 500ml but the rest of the range are all 375ml.


$150 although with a 1st time customer discount mine was $135 this year. The selling point really is the limited release thing, you’re guaranteed to get 24 new untried beers in your calendar.


Didn’t disappoint, but I must say, it was to ‘big’ a taste for me to drink a while can!

Like sucking on an alcohol infused slice of pumpernickel!


Tasting paddle from Bacchus Brewing in Capalaba, SE Brisbane. Specializing in small batch brews (bottled in mostly 500ml) and with limited distro they’re not particularly easy to find but well worth the effort. The venue is underwhelming but with 21 taps that rotate a new keg every time one empties, including 3 hand pumps and 5 on nitro, it’s also well worth the effort. Choose any 5 taps for your paddle at $20.
From right to left:
Mosaic IPA
Strawberry Thickshake IPA on Nitro
Oatmeal Stout on Nitro
Belgian Mocha Stout on Nitro
Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale

Not on the payroll but I am serious about beer. If you’re serious about beer and you’re anywhere in SEQ, you simply get here.


If you’re making your way to Carwyn Cellars for beers, worth checking out Cellar 1839 which is also on High St, but in Northcote (1.5km, so take a traveller)

They have quite a few good craft beers, decent pricing, often have free tastings and without the attitude.


Nomads Salt n Pepper Gose has just gone mainstream into Dan Murphys.

I love it and hope it becomes popular so that Dan’s stock a lot more Sours and Goses.


Good Suds for Xmas.


If you can get your hands on a Mr. Banks Dank Dark Lager i highly recommend. Has a fair bit of that toasty coffee thing going on. One of the better dark beers i’ve had recently.


I’m not having anything to do with Dank until I get the contents in writing. :wink:

I had a few rippers over the festive season. Co-conspirator’s Matriarch NEIPA was probably at the top of the list.

Uncle Chop Chop wasn’t lying when he said Colonial’s Porter was good. Loved it.

Also this was fantastic.

Moondog’s Splice Of Heaven raspberry ice cream sundae pale was surprisingly good too.

Low-light was Blackman’s Watermelon Gose. I don’t do this lightly but I had to tip the last third out. Hideous!


I think I’ve drainpoured maybe half a dozen times over the years, it’s painful. I had to do it just the other night with a Burley Oak Jream Carrot Cake import I paid about $16 for. All my friends plus people on Untappd were raving about it, but it tasted like sour carrot juice. I was so farking angry at what nonsense it was. Beer for people who don’t like beer.


That would hurt tipping that down the drain. It’s a lot of coin for 1 beer.


A carrot-flavoured beer tasted horrible. Who’d have thunk it?..


I know, talk about getting sucked in. Beer is dangerous now, all these numpties raving about crap that tastes like desserts and juice with no beer taste or feel.