The Beer Thread


Don’t mind a dark lager.
Not too many of them though.


Lol, … I think I’ll just stick to Beer.



Seems to be the main game these days.

I hope it dies away like other fads.


Why? If you don’t drink it what does it matter?


That’s like asking “What’s wrong with AFLX?”


But it’s not really. Some people like these beers, myself included. Nobody likes AFLX.


Guess I"m just a purist in this sense.

If people actually don’t like Beer,… there’s always Ciders, Schnapps Wine etc, if they like Fruity things.

Some things are best left as they are.

I’m just imagining a Cherry Sundae Steak, or a Bluebeery Milkshake Lamb Chop.


The mega buck craft beer industry would suggest otherwise.

Enjoy your XXXX Gold.


uh huh.


I’m into the experimentation for sure. But it can’t lose sight of balance and nuance. The best beers that push the fringes never go overboard, but the followers often do. I love a good adjunct-laden beer but the base has to be solid, and a new style IPA has to resemble a beer, not a juice spiked with spirits.


As long as it works I wouldn’t care. People pushing the boundaries a bit helps to work out what is ■■■■ and what is not.

Nothing wrong with trying to impart subtle flavours, works for wine and meats.

If all there ever was to drink was VB, beer would be boring, it’s also one of the reasons beer consumption is falling and losing its favoritism over other drinks. The craft beer market is helping the market.


Just reading my own comment, sounds like I don’t go for modern beer! Actually, I mean with so much stuff being thrown at the wall in the scramble for a place, it’s more common to try bad beer. But that said, the amount of great beer around has never been better.

Edit: plus what KJ said eloquently above.


Given that beer has been with us for 3000+ years in a variety of forms is 2018 main stream beer a fitting reflection of that diversity? Discuss.


If anything the 2nd half of the 20th century was the exception, with all the breweries conglomerating and centralising. Before that every town had 4 pubs and every 2nd pub brewed their own. M


Bottled out the Mulberry Choc Stout yesterday arvo.
Had some issues along the way and didn’t hit the FG (final gravity) we’d hoped for as a result. Thinking yeast not liking temp so not as efficient, non-fermentable sugars generated during grain steeping and from sugars introduced from berry addition.
Original Gravity was ~1095 (yes huge) and FG was 1028. Calcs tell me the brew will finish at about ~8.7% in the bottle, so not too far off the desired result and given it’s a supposed to be a sweet double stout I’m not too concerned about it being too chewy.

Tasted and smelled pretty darn good at bottling so I’m happy enough. Have cellared most and kept a half dozen for tasting over the coming months. Be about 3-4 weeks before it’s cleared out in the bottle and ready to sample. Will report back later on.


Surely you need a second opinion on this?


Oh you’re not that familiar with my work around here. I’m pretty confident in my own opinions on pretty much everything! :rofl:

I’ll take your kind offer under advisement. Outsourcing tasting duties is a recommended strategy for the novice home brewer though, one must avoid the confirmation bias echo chamber of drinking your “bath water” all the time and never getting an outside angle.

Said to my brewing partner yesterday that we should be good for a while, long enough to get the all grain set up (Robobrew) sorted and set up… Nek minit I’m researching Coffee Stout recipes to get brewed and cellared for winter as well! Thinking largely the same malt base and a litre of cold brewed coffee added in at secondary ferment.



Getting in for my chop


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Just finished the lawns and thought I’d reward myself with a little beverage. The Butcher red IPA. Mouth puckering hops are finished with some nice malty sweetness. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.