The Beer Thread


Picked up a small bottle of ‘Kamakura Flower’ from my local supermarket tonight. American-style Brown Ale. TBH, it was average. Drinkable, but lacking oomph in the flavour department. Worth a try, but won’t be revisiting.


Mrs. K. had this the other day. It was a bit light on flavour but easily smashable on a hot day.


Cheers, dude. I’ll mention it to Mrs Rain. She loves her bland, dry lagers. ‘Koshihikari’ is a popular strain of rice here in Japan.


Nice label. JR, if you’re looking for it here it’s usually a silver can with Koshihikari written vertically iirc.


Cheers, dude.

Talking about labels.

I’ve had this bad habit of retaining/collecting beer bottles with cool labels since I was a teenager. I guess the art appeals to my graff background. Baird labels are fckn cool. At their brewery in Shuzenji, Bryan has heaps of them framed & on display.

  • Bad habit because I eventually end up throwing them all away once the collection becomes too large to store & when I’m having a ‘minimalist moment’. I repeat the process, though, much to the amusement of my missus. :laughing:

Below (L-R) Three Baird beers, a Mexican Double IPA, Hansharo American Pale Ale.


I’d so the same thing which special beers I got my hands on. I’d build up a collection then think why am I doing this? and toss them all and start again. Those Baird labels always cool.


Seems a bit of a shame to go to the trouble to collect them all, only to then turn around and dump them.

Either of you blokes thought about soaking off, & just saving the actual labels??


Ha. Good to hear that I’m not the only one. Just wish that I’d taken pics of the numerous ‘beer wall collections’ I had built & destroyed over the years.


I’ve moved 14 times in my life, Stained. 12 since the age of 18. I usually turfed them between moves. A few of those collections ran well into the hundreds. In Japan, it has been more a case of space & also earthquake concerns. Good idea re: soaking & keeping the labels. I might give that a crack. Cheers.


You could make beer wallpaper! Put it on a more permanent backing then just roll it up when you move.

Or beer collecter cards! Just laminate them.




Another good idea for the upstairs man cave. Cheers.


Yeah I was gonna say I have a little coaster collection and was thinking of framing a selection to hang.


I buy stubby holders wherever I go. It’s the only souvenir that I find value for money.


Still getting ripped… :wink:


Have had that Suruga Bay IIPA, found at Dan Murphy’s no less. Phoar!!!


That’s disappointing.
How can I get them cheaper?


You can’t. But that’s not the point that you’ve missed here… :laughing:


One of my favs. A few pints of that will knock your head off.


Has anybody seen Harviestoun Old Engine Oil porter around? Used to be able to buy it at some Vintage Cellars but now i can’t find it anywhere. I need some.