The Beer Thread


That’s a fantastic beer. Alas I’m o/s and can’t help. Just had their Ola Dubh 12 the other night.


I must be reading something wrong. Beer Cartel have it listed at $140.99 a single bottle?

*edit - i think it’s for 12 but they don’t have 12 left and it wont let me select a single.


Yeah, that would have to be for 12.


Every so often a little La Sirène shows up in Japan. This time just one small online store that stocks good stuff got some cans in. Not sure where else got any. I pounced.


I saw these at my local the other day. Let us know how they go.


I’ve had Urban Pale before and loved it. Right up my alley.


And washing down my meal posted in the other thread with a couple of these sneaky cans.

Not bad! Gotta hide the evidence at the bottom of the recycling bin though.


Haha, glad to know I’m not the only one.


I love the Kaiju. Great summer drink.


Has anybody tried Founders Porter? Drinking one right now and it’s ■■■■■■ amazing. You have to like flavour though. Brewed in Michigan. Got it from a little beer store at the South Melbourne market for $7.50. Highly recommend.


Yes, another stellar porter! Their Breakfast Stout is maybe my all-time favourite beer and they’re one of my favourite brewers. They nail pretty much every dark beer they put out. Big dark roasty beasts.


I didn’t like furphy either


Definitely one of the better dark beers i’ve had lately.


Now i’m drinking a Deschutes Black Butte Porter. Another really good beer. Should have had it before the Founders because it’s a lot lighter (wasn’t planning on having a second). Not as good as the founders but still definitely worth a look. From same shop at South Melbourne Market.


Amarillo galaxy IPA. Queensland brew. Very nice!



Mine was out of whack. I went big stouts to IPAs.


La Sirene Praline Belgian Chocolate Ale. You are welcome.


Yep. That’s a beauty!


Was an epic day at Portsea pub. Even though I wasn’t wearing boat shoes, a polo shirt with a popped collar and a fake tan, I did enjoy a beer.