The Beer Thread


You need to work on your focus a bit.


Must have already had a few, …


Been chasing this one for a while. It’s a ripper. Well worth the pursuit.


Is that from the fresh batch that canned last week?


No. I got it from red bottle in Sydney. But I also have some from the fresh batch on the way.


The Watermelon Smash is hands down my favourite sour beer. Strongly reccomend if you haven’t found it yet.


Too many were following that photo. Sore head is sore.


I’m a bit scared of the watermelon ones after Blackman’s gose. I’ve still got another that’s been in the fridge since Xmas.


this isn’t a Gose, just a straight sour. and the watermelon gives a beautifully subtle and balancing sweetness to it. So while it’s most definitely a sour, it’s not so mouth puckeringly tart such that your head implodes on itself. It’s one of the best fruit sours I’ve had.


Good to see another fan of outdoor beers and mosquitoes at sunset.


far too nice to be inside last night.


The Watermelon smash is so good in this weather. The Guava one is ok too but stick with Watermelon.


Yeah I got back from Sydney just before sunset. The first thing I did when I got home was hit the decking with a brew, Wonderful sea breeze after such a hot day :slight_smile:


Well to bore the hell out of you, I’m in my 2nd week of a 6 week detox. The retox is gonna be huge!


I’m feeling pretty ■■■■■■■ toxic right now, I’ll give you the tip… hung the ■■■■ over!


You must have given it a nudge. :laughing:


The batch arrived @choppsuey! Time to party


I like a sour in hot weather, and had a couple of good ones tonight. Garage Project’s White Mischief, which was almost a gose, a salted white peach sour. And Edge brewing’s Amalgamation, a dry hopped sour that manages to have hop flavour without the bitterness overwhelming the sourness. Very tasty.


I tried that White Mischief last time I was back, that was nice. Fun can images of rabbits in the act too!


Yep. Foolish. Delusions of adequacy and youth.