The Beer Thread


Steak looks perfect @Robin_Close. I see some herbs in there (mint) what else is in amongst it? Do you have any sauce or mustard in there?


It’s medium rare cape grim porterhouse on illiawarra sour dough (with seeds). Bernaise sauce. Mixed lettuce. Mint and spearmint, Vietnamese mint, chives, a squeeze of lime, pepper and Sea salt. All greens picked garden fresh


Craft Cartel, one of the better online craft retailers, doing 25% off and free shipping on orders of 16 or more singles until Jan 18th.

Discount code AUS25.

I processed 10 items and still got the discount though.

Come at me Trubble and 16bit!!!


Sounds sensational.


Tightarse son brought a $36 slab of Storm from Aldi.
I asked him why he would buy cheap crappy beer.
Cheap he said & 5.0%
■■■■■■ nice beer, will be stocking up, nearly as good as the Czech beers


I love how you replied to a post I made almost 4 years ago!! Awesome haha


First taste of the Choc Mulberry Double Stout. Pretty damn tasty at only 3 weeks in the bottle. Very roast prominent at first sip but predictably as it warms up a bit the chocolate and mulberries really start to shine. Deliciously thick mouthfeel owing to the oats in grain bill and warming booziness.
Can’t wait to see how it develops over time!


I’m jealous. What do you think your alcohol level is?


Based on gravity it should be around ~8-8.5%.


That’s awesome mate!


It’s hot.
Enjoying a Chopshop Pale Ale at a great little craft beer place in Mornington called Mr Paul’s while waiting for my Thai takeaway before heading back to work.

If you’re ever down this way, check this little gem of a place out.


Really love the lighter more fruity tasting beer and not a big fan of the heavy stuff. Anyone got any recommendations?


something like Little Creatures Bright Ale maybe


A Coopers Sparkling should hit that spot I reckon.


The more fruity the better, heavy tasting beers just remind me of being sick when I was younger.




Lol, … as he asked for Light and Fruity, … I nearly suggested a Corona with a wedge of Lime/Lemon, … but if he wants it Extra fruity, … 2 wedges?? :thinking:


NB: If you mean “Hoppy” CB, … I’m no help. I’ve been well over the “Too many Hops are never enough” stuff for a few years now.


Schöfferhofer - there is no substitute.


I don’t know how to explain myself as I’m not a beer nerd or drink a slab every weekend making everything taste the same, which can result in the “jsut dwink the vb mate tastes gud” or “you gay mate just dwink a cruiser then hehe” that we used to rib each other when we were 16.

I got drinking out of my system and too many beers remind me of vomiting, I can’t even look at Carlton Draught now and only drink it when I have to. I tried James Squire and all the Yaks (Wild, Fat, Lazy) and they weren’t too bad, got me back interested as they didn’t have that taste. Think I tried some Ashwai or something import beer too, was OK.


Very interesting, might pick up some after work tommorow.