The Beer Thread


I’d prefer a Weihenstephaner in that arena myself.


I’m a bit of a devotee of Matso’s Mango in hot weather…


Citrus taste, or tropical flavours, or even something that has raspberry or cherry?
Is some sourness ok?


Asahi, big japanese brand. I’m having one now.


I like both the citrus and tropical flavours, not so much rasberry and cherry.
I’m willing to try some sourness within reason.


That’s the one. It’s not bad, but ends up tasting the same as all the others after a while, but that might just be me.


How about a session ipa. Loads of flavor but not a full strength beer so comparitively light on the stomach.

Colonial Small Ale, and you get to support one of the club’s commercial partners.


No it’s not you. It does taste the same because it’s boring and bland af.


Thank god it’s not just me then.


Yeah, I recommended that in here a few years back. One of the most enjoyable light beers going.

Just wish it came in a bottle instead, … it’d be even better.


Asahi from Japan is okay. But it’s contract brewed in Aus so most of what you would have here is brewed here and tastes ■■■■.


Tins for the wins


Even here in Japan it’d be about the last of the big name lagers I’d reach for.


I’m lowbrow :slight_smile: In Japan I really liked Suntory malts umami.


Not sure what you mean with that?


Actually, that’s not a bad choice. Suntory make the best stuff for mine, if the choice is out of the big 4 (Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, Suntory).


A decent golden ale would work well. Light bitterness, fruity, low key flavours.


If you want fruity, Stone & Wood’s Pacific Ale goes down a treat on a hot day. Fairly strong on the passionfruit flavour.


Cans are better than bottles.


Wow. blink

See, I thought it was impossible you meant that.

I have never heard anyone say that ever, and I never thought I would.