The Beer Thread


Every step is one closer to buy out with that mob though, so don’t expect anything too outlandish from them any time soon.


After a couple of years of juice bombs I much prefer where IPAs were just prior to that when the west coast bitterness was toned down and less resiny. They found the perfect balance, stuff like Avery Raja and Alpine Duet (not sure if they get to Oz). Now the needle’s gone too far in the juice direction.


Too late.


I’ll try it, might be amazing, expectations are low though just cause their formula is well established now.
More excited about the Modus Operandi Hazy IIIPA and the next batch of Akasha Korben D IIPA, brewed with fresh hops sent direct from the growers in the states!

And just because they could. Dainton are doing a bourbon barrel smoked Jalapeño Salted Caramel Stout. And yes, I’m pretty sure that is the shark officially being jumped.


Yep, totally agree. If I’m drinking an IPA i want to know it’s an IPA. Sure I want some citrus and tropical hop flavours but I also want some pine and bitterness and some biscuity malt for the hops to play against.


Tracked down the Crankshaft. Very nice! Thanks mate :smile:


Yeah it’s a ripper!

Next stop is their Cluster 8 IIPA, if you can find it. Rare as rocking horse ■■■■ that stuff, sells like ■■■■■■ hot cakes!


ok thanks mate I’ll try to scope it out.


That was tonight’s menu. $37 for 4 beers. My wife has locked that in the memory bank for when I whinge about spending. :laughing:


Awesome line up!


Tried the Bad shepherd Strawberry thickshake IPA yesterday arvo. Great ■■■■■■■ beer…


Not sure of your locale in Melbourne but I heard from a mate that McCoppins and Purvis have some Cluster 8 and Stockade 16bit IIPA. The 16bit is stockades double version of their 8bit Rye IPA, which happens to be my all time favourite IPA. It’s soooooo ■■■■■■■ good! I’ve got a 16bit in the fridge, just awaiting an appropriate moment to partake!


Thanks mate. Purvis in whitehorse rd is on the way home so I’ll drop in on the way home tonight :smiley:


Enjoy! Hopefully they’re still well stocked!


I hope so too. I got the Crankshaft from there last week. Even if they only have it in Richmond they should be able to get it in for me. Thanks!


I went to Bentspoke about this time last year (my bro was living right down the road at the time). Unfortunately Cluster 8 wasn’t on, but I had a solid tasting paddle of stuff. The Red Nut was probably my fave.


Website says yes to the 16bit and no to the Cluster 8… Sucks a bit.


They have a Cluster 12 as well I think… IIIPA… :astonished::crazy_face:


Yeah, they had either the 16 or 18 on and I was really tempted but had had my fill by that stage!


@choppsuey Cluster 8 currently on chill in the fridge. Stockade 16bit IIPA coming instore from Richmond tomorrow likely. I have reserved some. Also got conned into getting some Mr Banks Double IPA.