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Pretty sure the guys o get my grain kits from just use this . I will make little changes based on taste, but not too often. The ones I make with robobrew version one probably doesn’t have the bells and whistles of garinfather or newer robobrew models but I have never had a terrible result so far.
My only slight fail was an oatmeal stout, lacked sustainable head, which was a bumer but it still tasted great.
Not really sure what happened with the head retention, but I will definitely have another go at it as a winter beer


Bacchus is amazing! Best brewery in the country! Will looking into what they’ve got and the shipping situation. I was intending on buying some beer from them so maybe there’s the incentive.

Yeah I’ve got Beersmith onnthe tablet. Have plugged tomorrow’s recipe into to it. Bit of variance to some of the details outlined in the recipe I got with the kit but I’m assuming it’s not a big deal.


Ahem…Second best brewery in the country…


when you start pouring 5 nitro taps at your place and install 3 hand pumps then I’ll consider your application. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just yesterday I was having a hand pump version of a local beer. Is it much of a thing back home? A handful of pubs/bars will do it here in Japan, and just a few brewers seem to provide the casks.


No unfortunately it’s not. Only specialty craft venues seem to do it these days and even then they’re few and far between.


Yeah it’s a novelty thing, we don’t have real ale brewers. I’d love to visit some of England’s venues for real ale someday.


Not only is it hard to find one but the venues that use them generally have diffuses on them to aerate the beer as it’s poured, which kind of defeats the purpose of the hand pump in the 1st place.


Critical thinking imperial stout. Very nice. @11% abv I’m going to be mashed in 5 4 3 2 1…


Stillwater, nice!


1st brew day done and dusted.

Already planning the next brew when we bottle this one in a few weeks. Onwards and upwards!


Got myself a couple of Colonial Bombers tins for the JLT tonight. Might not be the greatest beer of all time but it’s certainly the greatest can. Might play a drinking game by myself. Chug every time Smith lays a tackle?




I actually had to google it. I never lived on campus haha. I’m going to need more cans.


Neither, just have close mates that had an affinity for the American college dream.

Although a bomber’s wizard stick would go alright imo.


It’s an inoffensive summer quoffer. More fool you if you paid the extra just for the tin, given you can buy the same beer in the regular cans for ~30% less. :wink:


Got em for free :slight_smile: But if i did pay it would be for superstitious reasons and i’m also comfortable with that haha.


we’ll then, the price is certainly right.


Green Beacon POG Milkshake IPA

Available online & in store:

Beer description: This triple fruit Birthday Milkshake IPA is overflowing with juicy fruit flavours including passionfruit, blood orange and guava. There’s plenty of tropical hop character, plus we’ve added vanilla and lactose for a decedent finish and creamy texture.

This beer sounds perfect for @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS



What term is used to intimate 3 levels above ridiculous?? @Alan_Noonan_10