The Beer Thread


Trying my first sour tonight instantly a fan, its a Tasmanian one brewed in Scottsdale.


Yeah, it’s a divisive style, I was weirded out at first by big smoked bacon aroma and flavour, but these benchmark ones by Schlenkerla won me over, now I crave them.


I haven’t had one of these but the sound like something i’d dig. How smokey are we talking? Like a heavily peated whisky?

edit - I’ve had a Feral Smoked Porter but didn’t find it all that smokey.


Peated whisky (or beer aged in those barrels) has such an intense boozy smokiness, but these are more hearty with meat flavour. Really easy to down.


Awesome. I’ll seek some out.


What do they sting ya for via Rakuten, Jez-san? ¥600 a pop?


Yeah, probably ¥6-800. 500ml bottles, so not bad value.


Yeah I’d be wiring it through if possible, that’s what we’ll be doing moving forward just hadn’t got around to doing it this time. We were trying to use some heat mats I got from work as the heat source but when we plugged everything in it seemed to short out the fridge and it stopped working for ~30min. Eventually just came good again we were back in business but shelved the suspicious heat mats as a precaution for the time being. Will need to revisit ahead of the next brew day which is a couple of weeks.


Thank you, appreciate the advice. will have a look at the fridge and find the best possible way to get both the thermostat and heat band in there. Will probably have to butcher the cord as the plug will obviously create a too bigger hole. Do you find the heat mats better than the bands ?



Is this the lid off thread?


I’d keep the thermostat outside the fridge and just wire your band and probe into the fridge.

Haven’t used a band, only using the mats as a matter convenience as I was able to get my hands on a few easily. Definitely think we’ll look at a band as it cools.


I didn’t think it would matter :laughing:

Yes I did mean the probe, awesome thank you.



I just put my sensor cable jammed between the door seal. No problem


Constant temperature van absolute must. Definately will help you get your beers consistent


I used to use the hop basket, now I just Chuck em in


Have you grabbed any of the Korben D that’s going around?

That Sauce showcase is on Saturday, got a Cricket semi final so sadly I’m gonna miss it. Read that their new stout is circulating around town though, as is their Cascadian Black IPA.


I got some egg hunt tonight. Should have got some korben too but forgot. I am going to the tap takeover. My mate told me today they will be at carawyn from 6pm. I will be there too. Sorry you can’t make it mate. Next time. Edit : the korben has sold out at puvis but they still have the aftermath. I’ll try and remember to grab some on my next visit.


Keen to hear how the Egg Hunt goes!


Just about ready to crack it…