The Beer Thread


This is the first year that I’ll be missing GABS since it has been at it’s current location. Pretty disappointed.


The 3rd of my Craft Cartel subscription boxes arrived yesterday. Loving the 24hr shipping turnaround! I’m now at the point where I can cancel the subscription (one of the conditions of the $1 sign up) but I’ll keep it going for a wee bit yet, given it’s been mostly very good for the range and variety of brews, most of which have been untried. They ran a promo last week with 20% off and free shipping, I didn’t get around to ordering and was pretty bummed about it until the box arrived yesterday and contained 4 of the brews I would’ve ordered!


In other news, Colonial have released another “bomber beer” this year, this time a Sheedy tribute beer, featuring the details of Sheeds’ 4 premierships with the club. But more interesting is that apparently they’ve actually changed the recipe this year so I’m actually open to trying it. It’ll probably be even more boring than the previous Kolsch Ale version but at least it’s changed.


Let’s hope it’s got a little more going on. I’ll buy it, and drink it smugly at a bbq regardless.


It wont, if anything it’ll likely have been dumbed down even further! But I’ll probs buy it and drink it in secret so as to hide my shame for buying such a gimmick.



I can’t help myself.



dem competing priorities! :laughing:


Tried the Philter x Hobert cherry berliner weisse last night. Could have been tastier and carb was slightly too low, could’ve been diluted. Overall ok, wouldn’t make it a first choice though. Got some chili chai imperial stout which is tasting cracking though.


I’m still drinking Beer that just tastes like Beer, but then, I like Beer.

I’m so so un hip. :anguished:


You mean… You’ve never tried a spaghetti bolognese double XPA?? You need to get out more.


This beer?

Garage Project Beer - Beer

I rate it.


Same here mostly. Picked up a couple of slabs of Cascade draught in Tassie. Good honest beer.


What does beer taste like?


FFS, surely spaghetti brewing co has gotten with the program and done a triple NEIPA version of this by now.


Jeezuz H christ !! blink

28 bucks a 6 pack!!! Bwah ha ha ha ha fk no.


Didi you mean to say Boags draught? Because that would be the more correct answer.

My north taswegian, 2 headed heritage is showing.


It’s funny how having no taste buds often coincides with being a tight ■■■■.


I like it. Have done for 40 years.

It’s not for everyone though, … I get that.


So you’re saying you think hipster crafty raspberry chocolate flavoured “beer” drinkers have taste eh?

That’s cute.


The sad thing is i’d probably try it :disappointed: