The Beer Thread


Seriously saw fried spam fries on a hipster cafe menu this week. I was lost for words.


And technically I work in a brewery


Beer tastes like it has for at least 500 years in places where Beer Drinkers are serious.


Not fruit punch or like eating straight Hops, and definitely not like anything you would eat for a dessert.

That’s what Beer tastes like.

Call these other things by some other name, … Beer Follies perhaps? Fruity Fops?? Dessert Duffers?


The Reinheitsgebot. But Germany manages to create a lot of differing styles and tastes out of those core ingredients. A doppelbock ain’t no weizen which ain’t no gose.


No, but you have to know what beer tastes like to suggest you like beer that tastes like beer.


Damn it! I got to this too late. :smile:


24hr turnaround? I always seem to have a week between pay/order confirmation and delivery.

I’ll see how I go this month but will probably stick with it for a bit longer. Last month I was initially disappointed on first inspection due to the number of mid strength beers but came around after tasting them.


Germans have regional exceptions for beer. Thats how Gose, Berliner Weisse for example come about.


Just when I thought this weekend couldn’t get any better, my box of beer turned up this morning! You beauty!


Berliner Weisse is/was often served with flavoured syrups too, like raspberry, so it can be said that fruiting up the beer taste has history in traditional beer cultures.


Drinking a beer called Big In Japan from SingleCut from NY. Not only is it delicious, you scan the QR code and get a Spotify playlist of 24 songs by bands like Deep Purple, Judas Priest, and Blue Oyster Cult!


Cascade draught in a can - wish we could get that in Melbourne, somehere.


I just received 2 slabs from Dan Murphy’s Launceston. You can order it online.


Just ordered a slab- $60.89 from Dan’s.


Bought a carton of the Sheedy beer yesterday from the local IGA. A lazy $78! Can’t see myself drinking it until we win a flag - anyone tried it yet?


Starting on the beers for the day at Y&J, a pot of Chloe’s Ale, not great but OK for an opener.


Got the man flu so need to keep the beers to a reasonable level. A couple of porters with lunch might it for me!


Yep, toasted! The pint is Hack Brewing Co’s Crunchy Porter.


wheres the parma?


Put another brew on yesterday. Another West Coast style IPA in the mould of Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA.

Lots of 2 Row, Light Munich and Carapils malt, heap of citrusy US Mosaic and Citra hops. Double dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo. Expecting a pretty big beer, ~7%.

Chocolate Milk Stout lined up for the next brew. Might chuck some vanilla in there as well.