The concert and gig thread


“Extra Sydney & Melbourne shows” coming, probably being announced March 1.

They already added another Brisbane show.

I’ll be annoyed if this means the existing Domain show is no longer the finale.


Oils at music bowl is locked in! First time since early 90s. Never been to a concert at the bowl. Is it any good?


Already up on Ebay for 400 (for 2) or if you want row A at hanging rock = $1,252.. way to go scalpers for jacking up the prices


Had computer and phone ready to go at 16:00:00. Phone was too slow to get anything, computer got me an at-the-rear stall seat.

Everything, including lawn, sold out by 16:02?

That was waaaaay too close.


Going to the Darwin gig.


Hey CJ, you forgot the time at the Lake Oval in 1985.

Also got my tickets for Kuranda Amphitheatre. If you ever wanted to get stoned from 2nd hand smoke, this will be the night to do it.

Off to see Ups And Downs (superb Brisbane band from late 80's-early 90's, same genre as Go-Betweens/the Church, couple of Double J/Triple J hits - Perfect Crime, The Living Kind, Solitary Man, Lit By The Fuse - way back when) in April. Never thought I'd see the day!!
Last saw them playing with The Hummingbirds in 1988 (!!)
Footage of them playing gigs a few years ago sounded great, which augers very well indeed...

My brother put me onto them not that long ago. I didn't realise Big Heavy Stuff guys had an earlier band, and was impressed by the stuff I listened to on YouTube.

Ups & Downs are somewhat lighter and more jangly than Big Heavy Stuff, but no less good. If you like Greg Atkinson's sublime voice and knack for a melody, then you'll definitely like U&D (their EP "Sleepless" is an Australian classic IMO). It's also worth checking out the Atkinson brothers' CD "Worker Bees" which was released after BHS finished. This project is what ultimately morphed into U&D again, since they ended up with various members either playing live with them or on the record.

Ups & Downs, now there is a band l haven't heard of almost 25 years, which coincidentally is almost how long l have been living o/s. l still have their CD packed away somewhere. They were one of the independent bands of the era, that just appealed with their melodic sound. Along with The Runners (Endlessly), Le Club Foote, Curious Yellow (from Sydney) and the fabulous Bhagavad Guitars.

On the Oils. The first time l saw them live was in the small side lounge at the George Hotel on Fitzroy St. St Kilda. That was straight after cricket, and l was still in my whites, complete with grass stains on the knees, (it was a long day in the field). Peter Garrett wore a pair of brown leather pants, no shirt. He was bathed in sweat after 20 minutes, and never stopped working the crowd. That was probably 1978.

The last time l saw them live was at the old Olympic Swimming Centre, after it had been converted. IIRC The Machinations were the support band, so it wasn't too shabby a line up. They played all their hits. A mate of mine, who has since passed on, had recorded them even earlier, but l don't know whatever happened to the cassette.


Saw the Pixies last night.

Great sound, wailing lead guitar, they are a mighty band to see live.

No talking to the crowd, no interaction at all, but they kicked arse.


Opeth were incredible. February 7th. Anyone see them at the Opera House?


Did they play Deliverance?

just kidding, of coarse they did. Opeth actually aren't my cup of tea since they turned prog rock, but they were just about my favourite band once


Does the Wiggles count? Concert at 10am Woot.


Get a cosy seat and have a snooze. Did this at the Lego Batman movie last week, 'serenity'


Won tickets to Cyndi Lauper and Blondie.
Arena gig, which sucks.
It's got me stuffed how they play an arena in 2017, but the place did look sold out.
I saw Blondie in '99 with Garbage in Sydney, when Debbie Harry would have been a sprightly 52 year-old. She's 71 now.

Anyway, Cyndi was great.
Her later stuff just isn't the same quality and, oddly, not done with the same effort/passion.
That she smashes out Money Changes Everything after all this time...I just find it a little odd.
But anyway, she was friendly and funny and the hits were great.

Blondie Just no.
Way too loud (I don't mind loud, Simple Minds a couple of years ago was too loud for comebackdimma, but I thought it was juuuuust right), which I can only imagine was to attempt to cover the playing.
It's a real shame, because I rate the musicians in Blondie.
And Debbie was really kind of awkward.
We left after five and a half songs.


That's a shame. I saw Blondie at Falls '98 (?) and it sounded fine. Chris Stein was in fine form. Was kinda deflated hearing beforehand that Debbie had been a cow to staff assigned to assist her while she hung out in her private backstage area though.

Saw some Cyndi at Summer Sonic in Osaka about ten years ago. They put her in a smallish indoor stage and underestimated how many kids wanted to see her. I finally got in with about 4 songs left and quite enjoyed the little I got to see.


I saw Blondie at the Palais a couple of years ago. I think that is the right venue for her and the band. It was a good gig. The Pretenders with Chrissie Hynde played too. That was fantastic and they blew Blondie off the stage. For a 60+, vegan she rocked. She looked great, sounded fab and danced the whole set. Legend.


Missed that one.
Love the Palais and have never seen The Pretenders.


Blondie and Pretenders in their prime? Would be there in a heartbeat! They are two of the very best from that era.
Now? Not so much.
Too much in the way of key personnel either dead or ousted.
Both acts promoting recently released APPALLING albums co-written and produced by inferior acts who are not fit to lick their bootlaces, in a vain attempt to pander to radio.
Nope... happy to listen to the records...


Saw Madness at Festival Hall last night and they were fantastic. A diverse age range in the crowd. Loved all the oldies they played, a few that I hadn't heard live before. Even their new stuff (played only a few) was solid.

Favourite from the night - Night boat to Cairo.


Last saw Patti smith at festival hall, absolutely incredible performance. Brilliant night.


Yep just saw her at the Arts Centre myself. The fact she can belt out a set so well at her age is just amazing. I bought two of the signed CD's they were selling as well. The woman is a legend.