The concert and gig thread


So I have just been lucky enough to score 3 good tickets (seated area Row A) to the Oils Hanging Rock show on Sat. 4/11.
Only marginally above cost price.

I only need 2 of those tickets.
If anyone was thinking of going, let me know before I put it up for Sale on EBay.
I also have 2 General Admission to the Sydney Show at the Domain, which I now can’t justify the travel costs for.
I’ll be happy with below cost for these (prob $65 each).

PM me if interested.
I won’t do anything regarding resale until later this week.

Looks like the Hanging Rock tik is gone, but the Sydney Domain (x2) are still available.


Regarding the Sidney Myer (and other Ticketmaster concerts): has anyone got their Oils tickets yet? Their website has said “Tickets are now being printed and posted to ticket holders” for some time now.

I got the Ticketek ones for Sydney Domain shortly after the August 1 release date.


I got my Music Bowl tixs about two weeks ago. Postmarked 23.08.17.


I got ticketmaster tix in mail about a month ago for Brisbane Riverstage. I emailed asking if my kid could be admitted on an adult ticket and they phoned me next day saying they’d issue a new ticket and refund me the difference. His mum doesn’t want to go so jnr gets his first gig :blush:


That is great customer service.
I might try that myself…


Yep, I was pleasantly surprised


I made plans in September to do something on my birthday. Turns out Spiderbait and many others are playing on my birthday at the Caloundra music festival so I’ve booked a five day trip to Queensland. The big challenge will be to get up with a hangover and find a decent place to watch the Grand Final the next day.


Foo Fighters Pre-Sale commences at midday (today).
I’m not really a fan, but Jnr Bltn loves them, so it’s gotta be done.

Who else is going ?

This is turning out to be a very expensive week !


Virtual original Models line up (main 3 plus new drummer) performing for one last time at “The Caravan Club” in Oakleigh, … which is sadly closing it’s doors at the end of the year due to unrealistic terms being asked for by the RSL it happens at.

Will be heading along to see them again this time. As I’ve said in the past on Blitz, they sound as good as ever, and perform all the early stuff at their shows these days. Be there, … or be elsewhere!!



Really like this from the Models.
Wendy Matthews on back up vocals also.


re: Hold On
Whatever merits that song does or doesn’t have (FWIW, I think it’s probably one of the better ones from their latter days, though the sax remains an instrument which should be outlawed…), that’s really an imposter band masquerading as The Models.
I live in a comfy alternative existence where their entire catalogue after Big On Love never happened…


Yer, but it’s got 3 attractive ladies wearing short skirts, moving as one to the music, with a low down camera behind them.
You gotta like that ?


Have a look at this Setlist from a recent Oils Show in NZ.

That’s a long concert, what with Garretts intermittent rants thrown in.


More than decent.
Move Redneck, Read and Truganini up in front of My country and I could easily miss the first half hour, though.

Never been a fan of Sometimes.
Poor man’s Dreamworld, if you ask me.


Surely we’ll get Armistice Day at the 11/11 concert. Surely.


I couldn’t agree with you more.


Then I feel emboldened to go further.
Oil’s Forgotten Years is Chisel’s My Baby.

Although I’m sure it will work fine with an arena crowd, I don’t like seeing it at the end of their proper set.
Midway through the second bracket, if at all.

Edit: Surprised to Generals there, too. I thought they hated it. I like it, but I’d swap it for Sharman’s in a heartbeat.


And I’ll go further again…
I’d be more than comfortable if they removed everything from Blue Sky Mining from the set-list. A pallid pile of vanilla that album is… the Oils with all the rough edges sanded off (except Antarctica and… maybe… One Country at a pinch…)


Looks like they are playing Generals quite a bit on the Tour.

Also DJR…



Ohhhhh, I love One Country…
Not for this tour, though.