The concert and gig thread


This would do me. I don’t want much …

Back on the Borderline
Cold Cold Change
No Time For Games!





Just play my Midnight Oil spotify playlist.
Then everyone will be happy.


Opeth were the gig of 2017…


Oils have been averaging 21.3 songs per concert on this tour… hopefully they’re warmed up now and we get more!

The top 21 songs have provided 66% of the plays, the long tail of 57 others (including a very few covers) the rest.

When I did this check a week or so back, they’d had 52 concerts and played ‘Beds are Burning’ and ‘Blue Sky Mine’ at 50 of them.

That New Zealand list above includes the following “long tail” songs:

At #24, Sometimes
24, Shakers & Movers (yes, there are some ties)
65, Shipyards of New Zealand (cheap pop for the locals)
27, Sell My Soul
30, No Time For Games (listed as “Some Kids” above)
24, US Forces (haven’t checked how often this was played in the US)
44, Spirit of the Age
28, Short Memory. Damn…
30, Hercules. Damn…

Nice closing encore pair of songs!

May we all get long sets and our favourites… there’s a few lurkers I’d like (e.g. 44 Under the Overpass, 61 Jimmy Sharman’s Boxers, 78 Armistice Day and hell a stack of other seventies tracks are lurking at 78 on one play…)



not sure where you are getting your info from, but I really, really want to hear Bullroarer.
Love the guitar by play between Martin and Jim.
How often have they played it Dave ?


35% play rate for Bullroarer to date, just squeaking into the average concert.




■■■ they have pizza, beer and yiros. What at set up for the gig…


Just back from seeing day one of the Caloundra music festival:

British India started with a horrendous mix and I thought I ws gonna be in for a day of windy swirly rubbish but the engineer got his act together and I really enjoyed this band. The lead guitarist is brilliant; they need a better drummer if they want to improve. The front man did very well.

Kingswood were DULL DULL DULL. Avoid at all costs.

Pseudo Echo were a complete surprise package. They were brilliant. Brian Canham was in excellent form and worked the crowd really well; oldies dancing everywhere. The double Keytar attack was insane coupled with the electro drums. The mix was super clinical as was the bands performance. The synth bass nearly blew the roof off.

Spiderbait. FMD. Haven’t seen these guys for about 15 years but came up to see them on my birthday for a bit of fun. It was the best gig I have seen them play despite the limited 1 hour time slot.

They blew the crowd away with a selection of tunes from “Old Man Sam” to “Straight from the Sun” (which was an excellent intro to the set). The audience from 12 year olds to 60 year olds loved it. The mosh pit was too much for some and there was an early procession of young girls away from the front who couldn’t cope with the pressure.

Drummer/singer Kram was in intense form, up from the drums revving up the crowd, running around, back to the drums, donning all hats thrown at him. At one stage all 3 band members were wearing silly hats donated by the audience.

Such a great gig, they didn’t hold back one bit. Plenty of people know them for their hits but this was no pop gig. Spiderbait went all out in your face hard aussie rock. As one of their songs encouraged us to sing, “You’re fucken awesome”


I quite like Blinded by British India.
And another one of theirs that slips my mind.


never seen a bad spiderbait gig. always good value.


Some of their songs are very well written and it seems to come from the singer/rhythm guitarist and lead. I think they could do very well if they ditched their rhythm section and picked up the dudes that Andrew Sockdale ditched from Wolfmother.


all mates from hs, aint gonna happen


Saw the Oils last night in Kuranda & they were blazingly good. From the opener Read About it to the closer Best of Both Worlds, it was a great show.

Highlights included Short Memory, Power & the Passion, Dead Heart, King of the Mountain, but the clear stand out for an old diehard like me was Stand in Line, which I haven’t heard them sing live in 35 years.

See them if you get a chance


A mate of mine flew from Japan just to see that show, on a plane back here to Osaka right now. Great to hear it was an awesome show.


I have once - they were supporting Beastie Boys on their Hello Nasty tour. Janet was all over the place vocally. Other than that, the other 4 or 5 times I have seen them they were awesome. Kram is the best.


Pretty devastated I missed out on tickets for Midnight Oil at Hanging Rock and now I’m a poor uni student with no money :frowning:

Recently saw At the Drive-In at Festival Hall which was amazing and AFI at The Forum for a bit of nostalgia from high school (pretty good show too).

Anyone else seeing Paul McCartney in December? I am a massive fan and can’t wait to finally see one the The Beatles live. Something which I never thought I would have a chance to do.


First time i’ve skipped an afi tour. I only go to hear the old stuff so i know i’d leave disappointed again.


Get to see Ministry and Death grips tomorrow here in the states :sunglasses:


I’m heading to Tassie to do a hike while he’s in Melbourne. Bad timing on my part, would have really liked to have seen him!