The concert and gig thread


Trying to get some “resale” tickets to see Foreigner for next week, ( in Canada). Fingers crossed, as they are one of the bands I missed out on in Oz during the 80’s
Yes, I’m an old ba#@ard


not to mention cold as ice, eh chilly


insert “groan” here


Poster makes corny joke on forum…

Sorry, I’ll think twice next time.

Anyway, IMO it’s about the only good song they did


Hot Blooded??


Not a fan of Stranger Things, then?


Gets a pass.

As for Waiting, would rather listen to the Collingwood theme song (not the fark carlton one though)


Jukebox Hero?


Just saw m oil at a very wet Brisbane riverstage. Having seen them a couple of times in the 80s, I wasn’t sure what to expect but was blown away by the sound and the performance. It was loud, clear, and just a great set. Very, very glad I went.


One of the things that the Oils have always been great at, is turning what I call ‘good ordinary’ songs like Read About It & Put down that Weapon, into great songs when you see them do them live.


Fair call. Short Memory and Sharmans Boxers were a couple of stand-outs, but there were no real flat spots once the mix was sorted about 2 minutes in.


They did a cover of Know Your Product? That must have been pretty epic!


Yep, did it well


So I managed to get 4 tix to the Oils at Hanging rock, shouting my brother for bring my brother, his boy for his 21’st, & my son for his 30th, and also, …to let the youngn’s see what they missed, and what their Dads are really like underneath all our staid educational stances.

Trouble is, I think I’ve stuffed up getting a place to park 2 Holden wagons & a tent, (no power necessarily needed), close to the venue for the Sat night of the 4th of Nov, before a late brekky, and bit of a look around.

Any advice or ideas from Blitzers up that way or not would be appreciated


Went to the Alice Cooper/ Ace Frehley double act on Friday night at Rod Laver.

Being a massive KISS fan, I was there to see Ace mainly and would’ve been happy to leave after his set.

Great hour or so set by him him whereby by he played mainly his best known tracks from his days with KISS such as “Talk to Me”, “Hard Times”, “2000 Man”, “Rip It Out”, “Rocket Ride” and the highlight of his solo stuff “New York Groove”.

He also performed lead vocals on KISS standards “Parasite” and “Deuce” but left the vocal duties for “Detroit Rock City” and “Love Gun” up to his more than capable drummer to belt out, whom by the way performed way better vocally than Paul Stanley does these days.

Overall Ace’s set was pretty high energy and didn’t disappoint. He had crowd rocking for the whole set which also culminated in his now customary smoking guitar solo.

Like I mentioned before that I would’ve been content to leave at that point fully satisfied as I’d never been a huge Alice Cooper fan and that it was more out of curiosity than anything else (plus not wanting to waste $130.00) that I stuck around to watch his set…

WOW!!! Just farking WOW!!! Is all that I can say.

From the very opening to the final encore I was awestruck and in utter disbelief at what I was witnessing out there on stage, I was almost giggling like a fourteen year old schoolgirl for the entire set, it was that much fun to watch.

The stage props with the guillotine, 8 foot tall Frankenstein strutting around, various performers dressed as psycho nurses, executioners, the massive toy box and Alice himself dressed in different garb throughout the show was an absolute relentless attack on all the senses for the entire performance.

For all the visuals and constant activity happening on stage nothing distracted from the quality of the extremely high standard of muscianship being delivered by Alice and his band.

Wow! What an unbelievably tight group they were with the standout being their female lead guitarist, Nita Strauss, shredding with the very best of the them whilst almost sprinting from one end of the stage to the other all night, slinging her axe behind her back without missing a note and smashing out an ear splitting solo in the middle of the set.

So good were the band that even the songs that I was unfamiliar with were fantastic to hear but for me along with Alice Cooper staples such as “Billion Dollar Babies”, “Department of Youth”, the closer “Schools Out”, tracks such as the opener “Brutal City” and “Woman of Mass Distraction” were rippers.
But the biggest crowd pleasers were nost definitely “Poison” and “Only Women Bleed” whereby the crowd completely lost their ■■■■.

The most impressive part of the whole performance for me though was that at the age of 69 (yes, you read that correctly , he’s that farking old!) his voice sounded just as good as in his heyday in the 70’s and his energy on stage was equal to or better than anyone in there 20’s or 30’s but most definitely better than mine in my mid 40’s.
He puts to shame guys like Vince Neil of Motley Crue who are about 20 years younger than him as a front man.

I must admit that I’ve been loving going to see all these old rock/metal legends performing in recent years that I was too young to see back in their halcyon days such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and now Alice Cooper.

Could there be anything better to do in the off season than to fill it by going to watch great live music? I think not.

Looking forward now to seeing The Tea Party at the Forum in November and the Gene Simmons Solo Tour in February.



All sorted.

Got us into a Guesthouse at Lancefield, for $80 a head, including bus to & from the show, and a full cooked Brekky in the morning each thanks to a late cancellation…

Is Bueno.!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like good value.


Just about to head off to see The Oils here in Perth tonight…really looking forward to this


Enjoy they are still great as ever. I got absolutely soaked at the pineapple fields gig in QLD never been so wet, but was worth every second


Just got home…they’ve seemingly lost nothing…Garrett is still a master showman and they rocked as good as I remember from all those years ago