The concert and gig thread


I loved the impact of the opening song at the Sunshine Coast show. Redneck wonderland. Bang! hits you right in the heart and face


They opened with Redneck Wonderland here as well…Hercules was the first song that really got the place jumping


Oh man, I still so clearly remember listening to the first few seconds of that song/album, and punching the sky because it was sooooo not softcock, like much of their previous couple albums had been.


Yeah true but they had their place. Nothing wrong with Earth Sun & Moon


E&S&M is best described as “pleasant”. It’s not terrible, nor is it great. I can listen to it but outside of “Truganini” and “Now Or Never Land” it just kinda fades into the background and is not particularly memorable. I remember them playing a gig at the Palais in Melbourne a while before the album’s release, where they road-tested a few of new tracks. They sounded quite meaty live, so it was particularly galling to hear how sterile and lifeless they sounded on the eventual album.

Same thing applies to “Blue Sky Mining”, quite a lot of “Diesel & Dust” and everything after “Redneck Wonderland” for mine.


The are all great albums. Oils live are a completely different band to their studio albums. They just don’t compare.

Off ES&M I do like My Country a lot - GREAT song.


I like Outbreak Of Love.
I know it’s so different to…pretty much anything they’ve ever done, but I like it as a song.
I don’t hate it because it’s not Read About It.

Capricornia, though…
Man, ■■■■ that album.


I like that song also, and would work a treat as a live song, but given the fact they have played it 0 times out of 69 shows in 2017, it seems unlikely I’ll get lucky on Nov 4th at Hanging Rock.

Disappointingly, they have only played Back on the Borderline 4 times out of 69.
All of those in Oz though, so they are playing it more now.

Out of curiousity Wim, are you attending any Oils shows ?


I’m not.
We didn’t get tickets.
And…just lots of things.

It’s disappointing, but I don’t think anything will ever be quite up there with deciding not to spend a few hundred bucks on seeing Prince about a month before he died.


Caught my mate’s recital at Bennett’s lane 2012 i think, only to have the purple one roll up for an impromptu show not long after, suffice to say mind blown


I hear ya…

I still ask myself on a weekly basis WTF I didn’t go watch The Eagles at Rod Laver Arena in 2004.

Man’o’man…have I made some poor decisions in my life !


I think it’s kind of impressive that I missed both Split Enz’s last show and the Crowded House Opera House gig, both due to Mrs Wim.


happy wife, happy…?


Just on the Oils, if any Sydney based Blitzers are umming and arring about going, I’ve got 2 General Admission lawn tickets to the last show (Fri 17/11) that I would sell at a significant discount.

PM me if interested…


wim now has ticket.
Thank you, blitz.


That’s like me not going to see Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros at the Corner. Then my brothers tell me they played a bunch of Clash songs and it was awesome, and he died a couple of years later, and… I have no farking idea why I thought I didn’t need to go to that show.


Sucks to be Adelaide.

Note: Jimmy Sharman’s Boxers was supposed to be the first song of the second encore and Best of Both Worlds was the supposed to be the last song of the second encore. Both were not played.

Here, have King of the Mountain instead.

Still though, it’s tough to complain about many of their setlists.
Freo got 10-1 in order. Would not complain about that!


Hey Wim,
Did you happen to get your ticket off theDJR ?


You a cop?


No, he just wants to know who the smelly person next to him will be.