The concert and gig thread


I can’t give too much away, other than to say that the person next to him will indeed be smelly.


If one doesn’t sweat profusely at an Oils gig, then you’re not doing it right !


Ok, … I’m putting out a Blitz call out,… my Son in Albury has to work Sat Morning, … and for certain reasons,… can drive in NSW, but not in Vic ATM, & is not prepared to take the punt, … (finally showing some common sense :wink: …), … is there any chance anyone is coming that way to Oils at hanging rock, … and could pick him up post 11.30 (Albury) & give him a lift to Lancefield on their way maybe? :confused:

PT seems to b at this point uncooperative… ::unamused:


That’s a long way from Mooroolbark…


Dave Graney next Sunday then The Church Thursday.

Don’t know if “pumped” is the right word, but yeah.


Feelin’ kinda sporty?


Was at Crown last night and watched the Badloves free gig.Not entirely the originals, but enough for them to sound great and while they are aging it was a good show.


Heads up


I have 2 X GA tixs for the Oils at the bowl this Monday night, any takers?. Price = face value. PM please.

Edit: they’re sold. Thanks.


Dave does a show on Triple R every Tuesday and sounds like a top guy. He plays some of his new stuff and while it’s not a patch on “Night Of The Wolverine” era, it’s still decent. You’ll have a good night.


He’s a legend. Down to earth and always up for a post gig chat, never comes across as up himself.


Pretty solid Set List last night in Wodonga…

Must be time to slip Bullroarer into the rotation.
Any of Progress, Stand in Line, Brave Faces or Lucky Country will make me happy also.
Any chance of playing Outbreak of Love for the first time on the tour ?


BOTB & No time for games are nice additions, … but TBH, I wouldn’t care if I never heard Progress again.

I made up a 2 disc set, based on that site DJ linked to, for the bro and our lads to pump before this w/end, and have had it in the car,… and every time that song comes on, after 1 verse I hit next. It’s never grabbed me.

I always think it sounds like some band trying to sound like M O.


The Tea Party at the Forum tonight. Hell yes.


Seen them twice now, … both were fantastic.




The live version of Progress at the Exxon show was powerful.
It’s on the Scream in Blue CD (live).


Surprised the Oils didint do much, if any of Red Sails in the Sunset.

Easily their best album for mine.


Great to see “Somebody’s Trying To Tell Me Something” appearing in their sets. Has a Wire-esque art-punk drive to it that I’ve always loved.


Oils were awesome!!!
I’ve lost my voice


No need to take a Bus to Bondi next Saturday, now!