The concert and gig thread


Anyone else going to P.issed Jeans at the Corner on Thursday?

Pretty keen, but there’s just so much on atm


Not that I’ll be going, but I thought there might be a number of Blitzers who would be pretty interested to know about it,


Get set to put on your boogie shoes and party because KC & The Sunshine Band, Village People and Sister Sledge will get Melbourne dancing next week!

The Australian tour sees the welcome return of the original lead singer, songwriter and ‘cop’, Victor Willis, to the Village People - the first time he’s performed with the group in more than 25 years


MACCA was immense, 40+ song set, entertaining stories
live and let die + fireworks!!!


I wish. ■■■■■■ Jeans are awesome.

Got tix for Royal Blood in May. Pretty psyched about that.


Have to say Paul McCartney (second Melbourne show) would have to be one of the finest shows I have seen.
It’s not the 60’s but I still can’t believe i got to see one of The Beatles!


Few weeks ago now but The Stems at The Croxton were awesome.


Saw Slowdive tonight in Osaka. Big set of about 14 or 15 songs covering all periods, and they’re sounding really good, with some beefed up versions of Crazy For You and Dagger to fit the set. At Laneway and The Forum in February so I even have a chance to catch them again soon!


Farkn pumped, seein them at the forum, good to hear!


Muse. Sensational. Took my parentals and they really enjoyed it too!


why didn’t i go to this. dammit.


set list (great mix!!):
Dig Down
Plug In Baby
The 2nd Law: Isolated System
The Handler
Supermassive Black Hole
Take a Bow
New Kind of Kick (The Cramps cover)
Stockholm Syndrome
Munich Jam
Time Is Running Out
The Globalist
Knights of Cydonia (perfect way to finish, I don’t care if it’s predictable!!)


agree, awesome night. Not quite as good as 4 years ago, but not far off. Maybe my seats just weren’t as prime positioned as last time.


sad face x 11

happy for you though!


Anyone else going to Foo Fighters tonight ?


yeah. Least excited about a gig for a long time.

Weezer on at 6pm??? WTF!


I hope and pray for your sake that Weezer don’t play anything off their latest album, which is dire! And I say that, being a long-standing fan. Even their worst releases (Raditude, Hurley, Death To False Metal) have generally had a handful of decent tracks. Not this time…


Why is that Ant ?

FF’ers are my son’s favourite band, so he’s excited.
I reckon they’re OK.


I’m going for Weezer, will happily stay for the Foos.


Yeah giving it a miss for a couple reasons. Firstly, I’d only be going to see =w= , not a fan of ff and at 6pm, no chance of getting there after work. Also, they’re basically playing the same ‘greatest hits’ set they’ve been playing for years, no white album tracks?? ■■■■■■■ disgrace! Ha
I’d snap up sideshow tickets fo sho though

Don’t mind Pacific Daydream actually, the second half of the album has a great vibe


Been pretty spoiled with EWBAITE and white after the ‘horror years’ so I can take some subpar tracks haha