The concert and gig thread


Only knew a couple of their songs, but far out, Weezer were good.
The whole band is so strong vocally.


Weezer were real good.

Farkin wasted putting them on at 6.00 though.


Probably should have been 7, with the Foos coming on at 8.30


And how is Etihad still so sh*t at getting people into the venue?


Ok here we go.

I had a great night. Really fun. Beers, friends and a laugh and some bands played as well.

Weezer are a very good band but I have no idea why they bothered. Compare what they dished up last night to what they delivered at the Music Bowl a couple of years ago. They must need mortgage payments or something. Rivers did provide the highlight but that will come later.

Dave Grohl is amazing but his band is pedestrian stadium rock at best. They sounded great but by the 5 song of BIG CHORUSES’ it started sounding the same. I actually doubt Dave had his guitar plugged in. I say this for a few reasons.
Firstly he didn’t change guitar for 8 songs.
Secondly Foo Fighters don’t have complex guitar lines, you just don’t need 3 guitars.
Finally I think he just uses it as a prop in between fist pumps and crowd points.

The FF highlights we ‘My Hero’ and "Everlong’ as well as the couple of cuts from the first album. But the real highlights were the covers. (As well as some lowlights!)

Queens/Bowie’s Under Pressure’ sung by Taylor and drummed by Dave was great but it made me wonder what the hell I was watching.
Rivers coming on to sing ‘Detroit Rock City’ was gold. Rivers really fired up pulling all the geek rock moves in front of the much larger real rock god Grohl. So So funny.
Then "Let There Be Rock’. WOW. Would have paid to just hear that. They smashed it and I screamed the hair off my nuts.

The only time I saw FF was in 95 at Alien Nation. I’m happy to wait another 23 years as I’m sure the same rocks moves will still be being pulled.


The music bowl show was great, went to the pinkerton club show too which was one of the best gigs I’ve seen!
Def seems like they’re going through the motions these days, although apparently Rivers said in brissie they’ll be back in '19 for their own shows, better hear some deep cuts haha


Anyone seen King Gizzard & Lizard Wizard?

Playing at the croxton and I only heard a little of them, which was rockin, but they worth a look?


They’re really fun, basically two stoner bands from the country that merged. Two drummers, several on guitar and three different guys take turns on vocals, keyboards, guitar, whatever. They use heaps of 60s psychedelic effects and rock out like a bunch of stoned teenagers having a good time.


Yeah, . I caught them at the St Kilda fest a couple of years ago on recommendation.

I was really impressed, Good fun.


They are very good.

War on drugs this week will be epic.


Saw them 2 years ago there and about 5 times since.

They are a must. Get on it.


Awesome. Tix go on sale Monday ftw


Went and saw Roger Waters last night, backing up again tonight. It is brilliant, confronting but brilliant. He and his band are in fine form.


King Gizzard et al sold out in a day, so no dice.

Cosmic Psychos are playing Croxton in May.

Guess I’ll go along for the inlteenth time…


Went and saw Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes…wowzers…what a front man. I had seen them previously but this time it was just a bigger wilder show!


Cosmic Psychos coming to Cairns. Fark yes!


Anyone been to thE Downlod Festival before? It’s $170 bucks, when all other cities have stand alone shows in reasonable sized venues.

They got
Suicidal Tendencies
*Prophets of Rage

  • a heap of bands i wouldnt see, but you’ve heard of em
    Limp Bizkit
    Good Charlotte

Edit *ok this gets interesting
Prophets of Rage - supergroup consisting of members from RATM/Audioslave, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, playing ‘covers’ and original stuff…


Prophets of rage are horrendous. You had a listen yet?

How was ‘The Gizz?’


Didn’t get to Gizz, tickets sold out in a day, and I wasn’t 100%.

I’ll have to listen to Prophets of Rage first, was starting to think I’d go to this festival (not a fan of festivals and outdoor music…)


nofx sideshow
clowns 10 bucks at the bendigo.