The concert and gig thread


Seeing as there are so many Fugazi fans on here…as close to a gig as your ever likely to get these days. Watch doco and then Q&A with band member.

Also, this could be fun:
Strung Out playing Croxton,30th June


I bailed on download. Sold my ticket.

Next gig is comeback kid and Silverstein in may


Lolz twomey’s off his ■■■■ at the gig im at

he’s pumped for the dons




I didn’t go in protest of no sideshows. Fark em.


I’m off to see Robert Plant tonight…really looking forward to it


Just got home…what a superb concert it was…Plant has still got incredible range and his band was excellent.

One of the best concerts I have seen.


Thanks for putting the intro to Big Log in my head.


Telstra presale on for Def Leppard for those interested :slight_smile:


I have a question for those who’ve been to Festival Hall. Would I be an idiot for buying tickets in the side tiers? I want to go to the MGMT Franz Ferdinand concert (so pissed off I didn’t know this earlier, songkick sucks ballz), but am not reading good things about the joint. Would I be wasting my money?


Depends where in the side tiers really.


Because the venue is so small, the side view is a true side view. You are on the angle. But, I’ve seen a few bands from the side and I’m just happy to be there. It really does depend on how you cope with the neck on the angle for the night.


Section 11 or 12.


Here would not be too bad.


Ideally, need to be in the middle of those sections. Either end of the section is crap/potentially obscured.


You used to be able to jump the small barrier and run into the pit once it starts.


Ok cool. Thanks for your help guys, I’ll see how I go :slightly_smiling_face:


Polish Club opening for Royal Blood here in Brisbane. Haven’t heard a lot them prior but can cut the mustard live. Very entertaining.


Now, big wire fences.

I was on balcony for Parkway drive…people were going over the balcony down the drink area walls. No idea why…Balcony is where its at! Its like VIP. Own bar and Toilet


Went to see Comeback Kid and Silverstein last night…ripper show…both bands nailed it.