The concert and gig thread

A lot of good gigs coming up. Weezer in three weeks. Blink early next year. Just saw that Royal Blood is also playing in December.

if you like Royal Blood but don’t want to spend 140 dollars on a ticket take a look at Small Town Titans. US band touring around 50 dollars I think(at least here in Sydney, im sure Melbourne prices would be about the same) in November

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Yeah, the 2 nighter was where the value was at. And I guess it was the fastest way to sell out both nights to long time fans, who are probably a bit more cashed up than 30 years ago.

Sucks seeing all the amazing festivals and tours that happening in Europe / USA, seemingly constant in my news feed.

I’m a big fan of BIFF so will go to one of these shows.

If you’ve never been to The Gem, it’s farkin awesome, holds about 50 punters just in the front bar.

Also Shotkickers on high st Thornbury has music every night. Good little venue which is pretty new.

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I was pretty tempted to see Ghost. Should be a fun night out.

Every year I see the big festivals like Hellfest, Rock Am Ring , Download…I need to go over for 3 months one year

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Got a ticket to Dozer in November.

Fifty bucks for the night and its a rad new album they are touring.

Pretty happy with that for value.

Nick Mason’s A Saucerful of Secrets at The Forum tonight.


Was fantastic!

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If you like early Pink Floyd, the second show is on tomorrow night. It is well worth it.

Some wonderful pre-Darkside deep cuts to be enjoyed.

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Some Gyroscope and Bodyjar tonight, Gyroscope smashed it in particular with their energy.


Tickets are a bit steep for me when I’m going to Paul. Pretty sure I’ll get another chance to see Ghost at some point.

The Cavemen NZ

Very garagey, no frills. The last time I saw them at The Gem, it was a bit shambolic (in a good way). Def gonna see them again at Gem and Shotkickers.

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Really surprising there isn’t a sub-genre named Scrap Metal.

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Not sure I’ll attend this, but they’re playing two sets ‘My War’ and I guess all their other ‘hits’. But only one OG member I think.

I’m more intrigued by how Mike Vallely became lead singer for them.

Magic Dirt and Moler tonight can’t wait


Probably threatened to bash someone

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Im headin to see Tumbleweed here in Sydney

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Anyone else going to Weezer on friday?