The end of year cannon - who should be fired into the sun?


there is no way long gets upgraded. we have more than enough of his type, and he’s not particularly good at it anyhow. if he is even on the rookie list next year (dont know if thats possible) it’d only be out of sentiment.


Howlett and Bird delisted.



Not a big surprise. Probably the two most likely candidates.


Does that mean McKernan is safe?


Morgan and J.Merrett very lucky so far


Smack, Jerret, Morgan, I suppose it depends on the plans that the club has for the list and where it see’s players fitting in. Bird and Howlett were the low hanging fruit. The others (if any) may require more deliberatrion or negotiation with managers.


Hardly surprising considering the style of game that we play.


Think having a bit more pace is probably why Jackson and Morgan haven’t been cut yet.


No use having pace if you’re not good enough.


And a bit younger?


If I had the choice between Long or Morgan I would choose Long. Reckon he has shown more and has more upside.

Wouldn’t be suprised if both are delisted.


If the draft was strong and we had any decent picks Merrett, Long and Morgan would all go. Unfortunately we may keep some/all of them…


How in the absolute ■■■■ does Howlett get dropped before Jerrett.

And if there is a logical reason, why the ■■■■ did Howlett get picked for 7 games this year and Jerrett zero.

Edit : must say though, if there are more delistings to come, my issue may be redundant.


Because jackson merrett broke his leg, and essendon never delists someone with season ending injury.


I would keep Long
then Morgan - still some hope
then Jerrett

not sure how Jerrett hasnt been cut?
Morgan could delist and Rookie.


Woosh is not stuffing around. I think he know some that the only way we win a flag with the current crop of top end players will be if the youngsters step up as the older ones weren’t good enough.

Just look at Richmond with the bottom 22 players that were kids.

Tough and maybe harsh but Woosh has the list in a good place.


Can we go 38 and 6 rookies


Yes… but we would need to delist two more senior list players to allow it to happen.


Spot on. I’m really hoping they aren’t even considering the idea of having Jackson stay on the list.