The end of year cannon - who should be fired into the sun?


Who is the Gaelic guy? I thought we were only a slim chance




Right, I’ve caught up now. Didn’t know about this Morrissey fella before now


l would not re-sign Colyer.


Not this year.
The 2 Adams Sambono and Tipungwuti.


So you don’t think it might be too soon?
Another years development I would believe is crucial towards his longevity to play AFL not because he is a Fletcher.


He’s already contracted


Yes, a disastrous Blitz draft board would be likely.

Only one live pick - there go all the posts arguing for quantum permutations & pick swaps - the wait for pre season would be interminable.
Blitz would have to eat itself for entertainment.


Understand why but he’s not the worst outside running depth going around and it’s one of the few areas we are probably lacking a bit of depth in. I’d offer one year. If someone else wants him then a third round pick would be a good outcome. I reckon he’s of more value to us than a late pick though.


I’d help them out if they package Martin with a 3rd rounder :grin:


This is a very sensitive issue and I say this with a heavy heart, but I’m wondering given the news that D Smith aka the tackler loves Skippy and thinks he is doing tremendous work with the midfield, and this was a key motivating factor for getting Shiel (according to our new best friend Connors), whether we should load Reboot into the canon?
I quite like boot, but maybe it would be best for all concerned and we could let him back in when we win a flag or 3 with skippy as the midfield mastermind.
Disclaimer: this suggestion is in no way connected to Boot calling me a muppet a few months back.


As long as we get to keep @Darli

Are we now saying that Darli is Zerrett and @Reboot is Jerrett?


Well they do live in Tassie, so it wouldn’t be that unusual.


Of all the cruel and insensitive things that have been said on this forum about Jerrett… well that tops them all.


Back in Vic…just.


He really is.


Yeah, just find a reasonably quick outside player at state level that doesn’t fumble and see if they can make the step up. At least you are moving the list forward.


oh boy…





Morrison, Dutton, Hunt, and any other slimey carnts who want to get in line