The Forest from the Trees: A post for the stats nerds


Trevor had me at Langford being elite last season.


I made one


Is that Joey?


My edit would have been adjusting Allround ■■■■ Trucks to Allround ■■■■ Bloke, and coloring that zone in heavily, but this one is pretty good too!


John Coleman would be a single dot in the middle of Forward (Elite)


lol very good


How the hell did you make that haha, are you a photoshop guru? I never sent you a template.

Looks bang on though.


The colours suck, sorry. I didn’t put much time into making it pretty. I will try and make it nice tonight.

So its not necessarily about performance, or predictions, its mostly about finding similar players and tracking career progression.


To be fair, with 16 categories, you can’t just use a colorbrewer palette, so I don’t think you’ve done too bad a job considering time constraints!


I am actually not looking forward to making it better haha. Set1 for the record.


Include Parish and Heppell if you can TB



I thought Dyse would have plotted as a rebounding defender or outside mid in year 1.


Literally looks vanilla :rofl:


Can’t work out the colours lol

Parish = midfielder attacking?
Hepps = no idea


Attacking Mid for Darcy, Elite Midfielder for dyse.




It would be interesting if it could be married to a heat map as that might explain what is expected with where he is.


I get that, but you do have Elite and Poor section so there must be some element of performance assessment? If so have you tried reducing the categories to simplify?


Yes I have a simple map with forward, back, midfield defender that I use for other things. The categories are subjective - I went through every class and labelled it. They need work.