The future of Zaka


Ah right :wink:


Just sell your ANZAC day and Chrichton medal if you’re short of money and then win some more. Medals playing at GC aren’t worth ■■■■.


It’s certainly not the first time I’ve heard GC are interested to Zaka.


Zaka + 2 first rounders for Josh Kelly


Not that I’m keen on losing Zaka, but
It’d be the Zaka GC pick and 2 first rounders for Kelly and Hopper thanks.


I should clarify, the “he” I wrote is meant to be Zaharakis. I can see plenty of reasons (if this was all true) for him to get his side out now. Whether to pressure a higher deal from Essendon, or reduce fan anger if he leaves.


Unless Zaha wants ridiculous amounts, I’m surprised we don’t just sign him. He’s not retiring, and has been one of our best performers over the last several years. We can’t let the midfield get weaker, and even if we get a Kelly, Martin, etc. we still need players like Zaha to add quality and depth.

Of course, if he’s asking for ridiculous amounts, well that’s a different story.


Parrish, Merret and Mcgrath next year have gone past him, his best footy is behind him, not fussed if he goes


Merret has been our best midfielder over the past 2 years. Parish and McGrath have gone nowhere close to being as good as Zaka this year.




Do you honestly think we will get a first round compo for Zaka? Based on 1 year of good form?

Buddy’s big deal only netted Hawks a end of 1st round compo… no way would we get that. 2nd round at best.


Hawks got a first round compensation pick for Franklin, which is as good as it gets, it just happened to be at the end of the first round because they won the flag.


No footballer that I know talks about their contracts with anyone including their own teammates.


I thought we might get at best, a late first round pick for Zaharakis, but I must confess, the whole restricted/unrestricted free agent thing confuses me.

I mean’t our 2017 & 2018 first round picks and whatever compensation pick we get for Zaharakis, for both Kelly and ■■■■■■■. But if we get nothing for him, then forget about it, lol.


I have never heard of anyone going to a Bucks Night and not drinking. It just does not seem natural or normal.

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Really obvious troll.


Sounding more positive


#11 David Zaharakis: IN OUT IN OUT


So in this week. Out next week.


We literally have no outside mids of any quality or even much potential. Absolute must to keep him.